Buy AGMA F STANDARD FOR SPUR, HELICAL, HERRINGBONE AND BEVEL ENCLOSED DRIVES from SAI Global. AGMA (R) Spur, Helical, Herringbone, and Bevel Enclosed Drives Applicable to enclosed gear drives wherein the gear tooth designs include . Buy AGMA Practice For Enclosed Speed Reducers Or Increasers Using Spur , Helical, Herringbone And Spiral Bevel Gears from SAI Global.

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The overlap exists when both the rpm are between and and the gear tooth pitch line velocity is between fpm 33 mps and fpm 35 mps.


The fourth and final comparison will present the data in a different manner, using an example that fits into the overlap region where 601 AGMA and and API and can apply.

The allowable afma stress number depends on materials selected for the gear teeth, the tooth hardening processes used, and the service factor. This Standard is applicable to enclosed speed reducers and increasers wherein the gear tooth designs include spur, helical, herringbone or double helical, bevel, and their combination in multi – stage units.

It is calculated at the gear rated power. Speeds range from to 45, RPM. Getting it right By John M. The response usually is that being substantially below the allowable only increases the service factor, which is already very high, therefore, it is not necessary.

Gear service factor 2. Frequently used for higher power applications for a given size, can transmit twice the power as Agmw. If the number of stress cycles exceeds the stress cycle factor graph endpoint, the user has the option of using the graph end wgma or extrapolating the curve to lower values.

  HDS 558C PDF

Double Helical Have both right and left hand and operate on parallel axes, symmetrical loading. All are alloy steel.

Casing Fabrication Cast casings are more commonly used due to their lower cost and shorter delivery time, and to comply with low noise requirements. The service factor in both gear sets is 0610. This is a staggering difference. A copy of typical geometry factors is included Figure 1 to give a guideline for this value.

Complex heat treatment procedure. This standard is not included agja any packages. The ISO is recognized as being more complex and detailed that AGMArequiring about 20 more pieces of information to calculate a gear set rating.

The agm methods and influences identified in this Standard are limited to enclosed drives of single and multiple stage designs where the pitch line velocities do not exceed feet per minute and pinion speeds do not exceed revolutions per minute.

review of api versus agma gear standards—rating, data sheet

However, lubrication systems and auxiliary equipment are included. To quote Annex G, paragraph G. Beckman has spent a considerable portion of 60010 time working with users and service departments to solve gearing problems. The intent of this paper is to educate the purchaser and user to know what to specify for better understanding of gear ratings and to hopefully reduce gear problems.

All gear tooth rating standards recognize that agmma is difficult to maintain equal loading across the width of the gear tooth. One direction of rotation.

An example of a gearbox fitting into this overlap is an hp, rpm electric motor driving through a speed increasing gearbox to a rpm centrifugal compressor. Has some apex runout that produces additional loading. Agmq Subscribed to this document.


It is not intended for use by the engineering public at large. In addition to confusing the purchaser and user, gear manufacturers are Vinod P.

All other AGMA ratings are fairly consistent. Aga has worked in the various application of rotating machinery in the petrochemical and refinery processes including ammonia, LNG, olefins, cat-cracking, and hydrotreating for domestic and international projects. Speakers in the Classroom. The application factor reverted to service factor and the thermal rating section was substantially improved.

The API ratings are consistently the lowest, both for bending and pitting. It is 66010 limited to hp. In this assignment, he is responsible in the preparation and auditing of specifications, equipment evaluation, engineering coordination, and testing and installation startup of rotating and special equipment. In comparisons presented at the Agm committee meeting insome gear set ratings were slightly higher and some were slightly lower than API This standard generally does not apply to high-speed turbomachinery, but is included for comparative purposes.

Gearbox specs: Getting it right

If a pinion diameter is large compared with its length, then the dynamic bending and twisting of the pinion are less than if it were smaller in diameter and longer. Higher scoring index susceptible to scoring and dynamic distortion due to higher loading and sliding velocities. It is fairly conservative, but not nearly as much as API