Ahmad Shamlou, also known under his pen name, Alef Bamdad, is among The following are 9 poems by Ahmad Shamlou and their English translations by. Ahmad Shamlou (December 12, – July 23, ) was an Iranian poet, writer, and . Shamlou connects his poem to the collective consciousness of the whole world, presenting characters of the hero and even the social scapegoat rather. Mar 02, “Don -e- Araam” translated by Ahmad Shamlu is published. Sad Story. Mar 05, , The Children Poems section has been added. Feb

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Poetry portal Literature portal.

Some New Books and Tapes has been added to shamlu’s bookstore. Ahmda of Ahmad Shamlu by students. Inhe left his country as a form of protest against censorship and the suffocating political atmosphere.

This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Persian. Inhe published his new poem, Dagger On The Plate. Feb 05, Some New Books and Tapes has been added to shamlu’s bookstore. Wikiquote has quotations related to: You have descended from suns, from the breaking twilights, You have descended from the mirrors and the silks.

With a lamp in my hand, A lamp in my heart, I scrub the rust off my soul. In he toured Europe again and returned to Iran for another four years of intensive work.

Ahmad Shamlou

He also began his third attempt to compile The Book of Alley. At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world. He was admitted to this school on the condition that he be demoted two years. Inhe pems a final attempt at completing his high school degree in Urumiehbut he failed. They divorced in after several years of conflict and long separation. I had to type in the site manually into the address bar to get here.


Moreover, Shamlou was older, and had been divorced twice. The University of South Shmloo Press. A lamp in my hand, another in front of me, I march against darkness. Inhe travelled to the United States and gave poetry readings in many cities.

The first and second volumes of The Book of Alley shamlpo to print. Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: Persian Samples 3 Persian Samples 5.

Life and Poetry of Ahmad Shamlou. InBlossoming in Mist was published. Shamlou was arguably the most influential poet of modern Iran.

Shamlou’s childhood and adolescent were neither privileged nor easy and home was not an environment that could foster his sensitivities and he often found solace in ahmac. He met Aida Sarkisian in the spring of and they were married two years later in Dec 01, Speech of Mrs. There was a special gathering in Toronto of Iranian writers and critics to discuss Shamlou’s contribution to Persian poetry.

Shamlou was married three times.

“Bright Horizon” by Ahmad Shamlu احمد شاملو | Zócalo Poets

Maybe, one of the remarkable characteristics and strongest aspects in his writings is the epic rhythm of his works. Swedish Translations has been added to translation library. Shamlou connects his poem to the collective consciousness of the whole world, presenting plems of the hero and even the social scapegoat rather in a curious way as we read about the case of a man who sacrifices himself for land and love and, yet, who ahmmad betrayed by others due to their ignorance and biases.


The epic of the sea Is from fear of stagnation and silence. Inhe published his work and study of Hafiz. PoetEncyclopedia and Journalism. His thirteen-volume Ketab-e Koucheh The Book of Alley is a major contribution in understanding the Iranian folklore beliefs and language. He had turned into a myth years ago. The Dark Song, Translated to English by Fanous Bahadr-vand Upon the Plum beaus back ground of morning the rider is standing silent and perturbs his horses long mane in the wind.

Shamlou’s debut work, Forgotten Songs Persian: New Award For Shamlu – Netherlands.

Imperative and greed provoking A treasure ahmadd that sort That has made ownership of the earth and towns, The way they are, So pleasant! Inhe taught Persian literature at Tehran University.