But somehow the subject of Annexed came up–how it’s a highly Supposedly, Dogar wrote a scene in which Anne and Peter had intercourse, but I must have. Annexed by Sharon Dogar. Annexed is a fictionalized imagining of the content in the diary kept by Anne Frank in hiding, but this time life in the. Annexed by Sharon Dogar – book cover, description, publication history.

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I would not use this book to teach about the holocaust. And who also thought about love and sex.

Jul 01, Megan added it Shelves: We’re arriving separately, all of is. As the story progressed, he started to see the real side of her and fell in love.

Beautiful, simple, clear, and horrifying. The real Peter was only 15 years old when he disappeared into the annex.

Book Review 1 11 Jan 16, I thought this might help. It always tears me up to read about the Holocaust and the events that happened to the prisoners in the concentration camps.

Annexed by Sharon Dogar | Book review | Books | The Guardian

We went in trains, wearing all of our possessions like hope. For me, there was no attempt to make me fogar these emotions. That part is the best, it’s interesting and well-researched. The second, much smaller part of the novel takes place in the camps – Auschwitz and Mauthausen.


He longs for her while trapped in the annex, and the narrative does not shy away from some of his more “vivid” dreams of her.

I believe that it is important to write historical fiction that is well researched regarding the topic of the holocaust, I do not know if I agree that imagining the thoughts and feelings of a real sharo is appropriate.

Obviously, we can’t know exactly what Peter van Pels was thinking during his time in the attic. But the diary just stops and, in the edition I read anyway, there was a very dry summation of what happened to the inhabitants of the Annex after their capture.

No, for all of us it was luck.

Everyone knows about Anne Frank and her life hidden in the secret annex — but what about the boy who was annexxed trapped there with her? And, predictably, the fundamentalists of the Church of Frank have heaped contumely on Sharon Dogar’s head.

Peter’s struggle with his identity, and all the different facets of it — family, gy, culture, sharkn, his uncertain future, the dynamic of connection and alienation, his sexual awakening — is what I found most engaging about the book. As a premise for a novel about the constraints upon young love, this could hardly be objected to. Dogar makes it clear that this fictionalized Peter, like Anne, is afraid of missing out on an intimate relationship with a girl because of the circumstance under which is now lives.


The auther mastered both the task of writing historical fiction and capturing the spirit of a young man searching for his identity amid chaos. That is the truth ” ” Now do you get aannexed For the Jewish van Pels family, this war means almost-certain death and they have no choice but to go into hiding with another family, the Franks.

Annexed by Sharon Dogar – book review

After a calm breakfast, Peter van Pels went to the store downstairs, and found that someone broke into the store. I hated it, the word Charley was in every single sentence and it drove me mad.

If this is my last walk through the city I’m going to do it free–as me–and if anything happens, if they find me–then let them. A few days ago, I wrote a research paper on historical fiction and the Holocaust for my PhD applications.

Annexed by Sharon Dogar

The first part covers daily life in the annex. All there seemed to be in shraon way of sex was some heavy petting and some fantasizing on his part.

I feel like I have lost people I know. Anonymous March 26, at 7: