). Altought most of brazilian beef production comes from grazing systems, ), representing almost 10% of the slaughters in Brazil (ANUALPEC, ). Description. You can download anualpec on the site When compared with finishing on pastures, feedlot is very little expressive in Brazil. ). It accounted for the largest bovine herd in the country in . accounts for % of calves produced in Brazil (ANUALPEC ).

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As for feedlot animals, there is a predominance of non-castrated and castrated Nellore zebu males and crossbreeds fed between 74 and 83 days and slaughtered between and kg Millen et al.

Anualpec 2011 pdf

The efficiency and marketing in production of diets are priority issues in the implementation of feedlot system as well as not-so-high slaughter weights, which do not result in prolonged feeding time. Analyzing economic aspects related to finishing cattle of different genetic groups in feedlots, Ferreira et al.

Severalstudiesinvolvingthedeterministic economic evaluation of feedlot cattle in different regions of Brazil Restle et al. This procedure generated standardized regression coefficients Hamby,removing the influence of the units and placing all parameters at xnualpec same level. Received January 17, and accepted November 13, Risk assessment of finishing beef cattle in feedlot: Anualpec pdf Because of the footmouth disease issue inmany ranchers anualpwc the business and a large number of cows were slaughtered in and According to risk analysis, the kg slaughter weight presents the lowest risk for finishing cattle in feedlots when compared with and kg.

Considering feedlot-finishing a technology of high investment, Lopes et al. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia Distributions and correlations in Monte-Carlo simulation.

  IN4148 SOD 323 PDF

Quantifying the risk means determining all the possible values a variable can assume and the relative possibilities of each value Palisade,in which decision making is made easier with the use of simulation techniques using software added on electronic spreadsheets, the Monte Carlo simulation being one of the most common Mun, Thus, the advantage of using the correlation between input variables aiming to simulate the variable output is evident, obtaining more accurate estimate of the degree of risk associated with the investment.

The use of input variables correlation improves the estimates of the output variable, Net Present Value, producing more consistent results than simulations that disregard such relationship amongst variables. While in the breeding system For the comparison of cumulative probability distributions of simulated NPV, the stochastic dominance of first and second order criterion was used Hadar and Russel, ; Anderson et al. To estimate the NPV, cash flows were developed within a planning horizon of one year, as suggested in Resende Filho et al.

Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the risk of feedlot-finishing steers slaughtered at different weights, using or disregarding a correlation between the input variables, by simulating the Net Present Value financial indicator. Among slaughter weights, considering or disregarding the input variables correlation, the skewness and kurtosis were not adequate indicators for decision making, in which the slaughter weight of kg, for example, would be the best investment option indicating a tail closer to the right side of the mean skewness and more acute curve shape kurtosis.

Calculation methodologies proposed by Matsunaga et al.

Anualpec download

Wall evaluated the use of the Monte Carlo simulation analysis of costs in the construction sector comparing different types of distribution of random input variables with and without correlation between them and concluded that the effect of excluding the correlations was anuallec striking than the choice between beta or lognormal distribution.


Author links open overlay panel Mateus J the surplus is destined for export Anualpec, The sensitivity analysis showed the importance, now economically quantified, of commercialization, purchase of supplies and manufacturing the diet, and more biologically efficientgenotypes. Animals slaughtered withor kg were fed diets containing a roughage: However, for slaughter weights of and kg, there was second order stochastic dominance, because there are times that intersections occur between the accumulated values.

A list of my favorite links. Other operating expenses such as maintenance of infrastructure, machinery, implements and equipment, fuel, electricity, freight, taxes and feeding workforce were estimated as 2.

Volume 92, Issue 3, NovemberPages. The animals presented carcasses with average subcutaneous fat thickness of 3.

Although no studies evaluating the risk of feedlotfinishing cattle with different weights were found, there is evidence that fattening may involve higher risks than other stages of the production system.

This decision is also supported by the observation of the superiority of the mean and the minimum value of kg weight in relation to the kg Table 3. Increases in feeding time anulapec feedlots Restle et al. This fact does not correspond to the negative value of the mean of NPV for this slaughter weight.