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View all 5 comments. At my house the Olympics are autobiografla. I’m the kind of fan who wakes up at 7 on a Sunday to watch a competion with an unreliable streaming. Once a woman asked Louis Armstrong what he thought about as he played the trumpet. Matt – You should get this book for Kim. In case you didn’t know and if you don’t know then I probably need to post Yuzu-stuff again I’m a huge sports fan.

What led me to follow tennis much more than I used to towards the end of the s? While browsing my next buy, I had stumbled upon this one a number of times, before I finally decided to buy and read it last week. In many ways, on a lot of levels, Andre became the poster boy of overcoming adversity, both physical and emotional, for many people around the world, including me. The point is, I knew I was going to like Open. He’s obviously a formidable competitor, but it’s interesting agasssi see what traits, regardless of whether he liked tennis or not, helped him move forward.

We revel in autobikgrafia joy at the end of the memoir, as he relates the simple joys of marriage to another tennis legend, Steffi Graf and of fatherhood. Sei un campione di tennis, ma il tennis l’hai sempre odiato.

Open by Andre Agassi. I was also impressed by his ability to tinker with his own winning formula. Andre Agassi’s voice certainly seems articulate and honest. But again, after reading page after page of Agassi calling linespeople some very nasty things, consistently petty and often mean-spirited stories about his fellow players, and gleefully courting ha! Yes there are the few My old editor always said that I should try to write like anyone, it should be J.


Andre Agassi

The media doesn’t get Agassi. If Yuzu is on tv silence is required. His final coach was all lined up to be Marat Safin’s coach, but Agassi convinces him to become his coach intsead since Safin’s “a loose cannon. It’s a book about life.

When Agassi won, the autobiogragia was a picturesque, charismatic star with the potential to revolutionize tennis for good. Inspired by her quiet strength, he fights through crippling pain from a deteriorating spine to remain a dangerous opponent in the twenty-first and final year of his career. I’ve just never been able to follow a narrative so effortlessly, feeling I was completely on top of everything going on, past and present.

Open by Andre Agassi

An ending that will go on for generations and never really end. Yes there are the few sweet rushes of relief when he finally defeats Becker and wins various grand slams, but the predominant motif seems to be about loss.

Costretto ad allenarsi fin da quando aveva quattro anni da un padre dispotico ma determinato a farne un agqssi a qualunque costo, Andre Agassi cresce con un sentimento fortissimo: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is a book about a father who pushes his child too hard, the difficulties with relationships and social skills that it produces as the child matur I have never read such an unflinching self-account from a major star although I hear I need to check out the Duff McKagan autobiography too, if I want to truly wallow in STD-soaked self-reflection.

I must say that I found Agassi’s book very captivating, thanks to Moehringer’ superb writing style, and learned a thing or two about tennis as well!

It is a strange book! Yet, there is also an innocent unawareness of himself Andre doesn’t see when he looks in the mirror that will make your heart break for him and scream your head off cheering for him, just like we did when he was playing.


The antics of Mr Agassi himself and of, say, Jim Courier were priceless. Jan 24, Daniel Audet rated it it was amazing. And of course, getting back up again. Diventa un campione solo quando impara a perdere, ad accettare di non poter sempre giocare il colpo perfetto.

But I kept that in mind, as you can read. This is not all about sports and tennis, as there is a lot about his trials and tribulations with women, drugs and psychologically trying to find himself.

After stumbling in three Grand Slam finals, Agassi shocks the world, and himself, by capturing the Wimbledon. And just to be clear and completely honest: No, I didn’t know that when I was Yet when he’s achieved more than anyone could ever expect, Agassi lets us in on the elation and triumph, however fleeting those triumphs were.

After reading autobikgrafia book, I respect him most for his tenacity and for his ability to thrash his way forward even though he has no idea who he is as a person for much of the book. So, yeah, you could say I’m a fan. Wimbledon is a religion.

But he’s misunderstood by the media.

And yet, “Open” is an engaging book. Andres life covers a lot of real estate, both literally and figuratively. I expected something much more self-absorbed and glossy, but instead got something resembling the inner monologue of an exceptionally driven athlete. I’m not sure I can objectively explain it, but I laughed, I nearly cried, my palms sweated, I was just riveted ask my wife.

That crazy father of Andre torturing his son by the means auobiografia a self-built tennis balls shooting machine.