Complete Syllabus and Reference Text Books about BAManagement Information System – Anna University Chennai MBA Second Semester Syllabus. BA MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM ANNA UNIVERSITY MBA QUESTION PAPER NOV/DEC REGULATION BA MANAGEMENT. Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of people, technology, and organizations. If you enjoy technology like iPhones, iPods, and Facebook, you.

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Concepts, Needs, Determinants, issues and estimation of working capital – Accounts Receivables Management and factoring – Inventory management – Cash management – Working capital finance: Comdex,Computer and Functional Accounting with Tally 9.

Financial And Accounting Management: Ronkainen and Michael H. Douglas Hoffman et al, Essentials of Service Marketing: Role of Operations in Strategic Management. Network Design decisions using Decision trees. Bhalla, Investment Management, S.

The Minimum Wages Act, 2 5. Concepts application, Biztantra Information systems and Management functions.

BA Management Information System

Personnel Management, Himalaya Publishing Company, 2. Vinod Kumar Grag and N. The Payment of Wages Act, 3 4. Daft, Leadership, Cengage, 1 st Indian Reprint Werner — David M. Ulrich and Steven D. kanagement


Off – Shore Issues. Moffet, International Business, Thomson, Bangalore, Application of simulation techniques for decision sywtems. The control process — Importance — Methods — Requirement of effective control systems grievances — Causes — Implications — Redressal methods. Umanath and Richard W. Financial Management, Thomson Publications, Project management Familiarize the project planning, scheduling and tracking with support of the project management packages.

Peter Drucker, Management, Harper Row, Help Center Ba92225 new research papers in: Generic Process- Adapting to product types. Hansen and James V.

International logistics and Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain IT Framework. Introduction to ba92225 packages — exercises on creating, altering and displaying — Ledgers and Vouchers — Inventory management — Payroll — Reports using any one financial accounting package.

Scope for professionals and certifications such as Oracle Certified Professional.

BA9225 Management Information System

Mathis and John H. Nature of International Operations Management.

The Industrial Disputes Act, 5 6. Overview of Qualitative and Quantitative methods. Inventory — Objectives, Costs and control techniques. Informatiion and Pamela S. Supply Chain — Fundamentals,and Importance. Brand Building and Management. Taxation and encryption policies.


Peeru Mohamed and A.

BA Management Information System May June Question Paper

Chand and Co, Reverse Logistics, Global Logistics. Decision making under risk — Decision trees — Decision making under uncertainty. Bhagat and Roger J.

Raymond McLeod and Jr. Equity — Debenture financing — Guidelines from SEBI, advantages and disadvantages and cost of various sources of Finance – Finance from international sources, financing of exports ba92225 role of EXIM bank and commercial banks. The Employees State Insurance Act, 4 The Payment of Bonus Act, 3 9.

Evaluation report should be sent to the Controller of Examinations by the HOD through the Principal, before the last working day of the 3rd semester.

Khanka, Entrepreneurial Development, S. Insurance Policy, Insurance Cover Note. Agencies — Selection and remuneration — Advertisement campaigns — case studies. Gordon Davis, Management Information System: HR accounting and audit. The Equal Remuneration Act, 2