Šiame „Mokinio skaitinių“ leidinyje spausdinamos B. Sruogos atsiminimų knygos „Dievų miškas“, aprašančios Štuthofo koncentracijos lagerio. A few chapters from the English translation of “Dievų Miškai” written by the celebrated Lithuanian author BALYS SRUOGA (—). Translated by Aušrinė. Title, Modalinių struktūrų reprezentacija knygos viršelyje: Balio Sruogos „Dievų miškas“ The representation of modal structures in book covers: balys sruoga’s.

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D for a doctoral thesis on Lithuanian folklore.

Having grumbled more obscenities and having exercised his tongue and all fours, he says to us:. Shacks — not shacks, barns — not barns; at night, there’s no comprehending what kind of rot this is. He’s dried like a skeleton and over the bones is stretched blue flecked skin.

But above all, what sets Sruoga’s work apart is the singularly evocative tone of his prose. Danzig’s surrounding areas are all in all quite rich in myths and legends, in which personages of Lithuanian origins and with Lithuanian names work in mysterious ways.

It was all chance. Sruoga and the others were sent there after the Nazis started a campaign against possible anti-Nazi agitation in occupied Lithuania. We tumbled, we toppled over as best we could, ignoring the ordered arrangement. Mmiskas broom’s bristles he took for a pillow.

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On Sundays, Stutthof’s citizens who wanted to splash around in the sea would have to cross that frozen sea, that sea bottom tangled with pines, birches and stumps.

It was not unlike what many people who visit the Auschwitz museum share as the things that hit them hardest. No one’s admitting who so unroyally degraded that majestic stomach.


For knyfa the concentration camps, the primary concern — the worry, that some one in the world would find out what goes on and how, behind the barbed wire barriers. I counted them myself.

If this is where we’ll live, at least they’ll give us a bed D for a doctoral thesis on Lithuanian folklore. The block chief, it seems, having miwkas a respectful number of ears, turned into the washroom to wash his hands. And herein dwelt the most boring people in Europe — Prussian Germans, submerged in everyday spiritual poverty, venerating the policeman and the kitchen, superficial order mkskas ale; they could go without their daily bread for an entire week, if only during the holidays they would be allowed to pompously promenade though the town streets and receive a chance to bang on the big hollow drum.

The Italian took the officer to court and won – but it was a hollow victory, for he landed in Stutthof Camp for his pains. Above it is a knygga lamp, pushed forward.

Look for fools somewhere else, — you’ll find them in the dark! Knya like on a parcel. The name of this place alone would remind them that there is still this or that in this world without a policeman, and without ale.

Balys Sruoga

A poet, a lyricist — and dragging corpses around! Also, only the ending can be mentioned separately. When this kind of volunteer corpse died, the other number of the first corpse is crossed out in the books — the one for whom this one laid down his head.

I adore how author deal with stress situations through ironic perspective of view; is author’s own unique way to survive in such harsh reality. Other corpses were still clothed. So the baby gets a red triangle – evidently it’s a political felon!


The black night men stopped by the door. I admit, Balys’s writing style is unusual.

On the hillsides — birch trees, dirvu sickly, so impoverished, as if the sun herself forgot about these orphans, her foundlings. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. In my experience, people do not talk about the vastness of the mechanics devoted to the carrying out of genocide, nor the countless barracks, nor the stunning distance that was once filled by queues of prisoners disgorged from cattle trains facing the final selection that determined whether they would be sent to the gas chambers immediately, or given the chance to be baljs and starved to death first.

Forest of the Gods [Dievu Miskai] – Balys Sruoga

Every individual crossing over its threshold was actually already condemned to die – sooner or later. Views Read Edit View history. Mirtis nustoja savo kilnaus tragizmo elemento. To his own surprise he meets his friends, people of Lithuanian intellectual community, in the suroga cells.

Not Germanic in origin. Unfortunately, our discovery came too late: I’d rather walk myself It was as if during a storm the waves unexpectedly froze, unexpectedly hardened, and the north winds sprinkled their crests with white sands. Irate at our rudeness, he began to step through us.