Joy Goswami (Bengali: জয় গোস্বামী; born ) is an Indian poet. Goswami writes in Bengali He has received the Anita-Sunil Basu Award from the Bangla Academy, Govt of W.B. the prestigious Ananda Purashkar in for Ghumiyechho. Free Bengali novel PDF Download now Kobita Sangroho by Joy Goswami and Read online Kobita Sangroho by Joy Boi.

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The film is about a man who is terribly and stereotypically a ‘poet’: Have you slept, Pine leaf? Goswami’s work is rarely described as feminist, and yet it is undeniably so—especially in his poems about the natural world, in which he refuses to follow the old nature-as-woman trope, prakriti.

I was inspired to look up the Bangla when I encountered the expression “worry-water” in the poem “Escape Route,” and to find out what had given birth to the English expression” mygoodness!

He read poems by amateurs, replied to their letters, quoted them in his essays and editorials. The poems “Hamida” and “Olu”, translated by Sampurna Chattarji in Harper Perennial’s new volume of Goswami’s selected works, are manifestos for writing about the kinds of women who jiy usually left out of history.

He finds it everywhere—the madness of tradition and the madness of individual talent. His expansive tendency to see an ordinary event as part of an epiphanous macrocosm is one of the charms of Goswami’s poetry; here, “Mother Earth” herself is a spice-grinding slab.


First, stop making her anonymous—that seems to be Goswami’s dictum.

Joy Goswami

The vegetable-vendors, the fish-sellers say: She died in At college functions, his words rang out from loudspeakers, finding their way into the popular consciousness. Bangla literature—and music—is full of women who represent the muse, or unattainable love: Bangla’s vernacular energy is difficult to communicate, especially when translating a poet as creative with new expressions as Goswami.

The perfect gift for your loved ones. It is titled “Pagli, tomar sathey,” meaning “Madwoman, with you,” which banvla thus: Faithful as mirrors, I give him back the lines he might have written from my side of the mercury-sheet, the sheen that films our eyes and reflects us, each the exact inversion of the other.

Free Book Download Store: Kobita Sangroho by Joy Goswami

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Look, there’s some in that pocket. Since morning two labourers have been coming and going In front of the veranda Pans full of sand and stone chips on their heads.

Madwoman, with you I’ll spend a fearful life [my translation] No matter how many times I read these poems, I am always left asking myself two disturbing questions: In the big one the spinning earth.

Retrieved 9 July By this time he was already writing poetry. By this time he was already writing poetry. Bursting through the bag the moon Gleams in the sky.


Goswami emerged into the popular consciousness alongside another important Bengali wordsmith, Suman Chattopadhyay. The madness that turns a companion into a competitor; the madness that attends the uncertainty of ending a poem; the madness that has turned poetry into a consumer product; the madness of migration, between nations and between genres.

Even if nobody else “calls her by name,” he will.

Reading Goswami’s poetry, one has the sense of how it might feel for a man to be a woman. As I read through Sampurna Chattarji’s affectionate and efficient translation of this selection of Goswami’s poems, I was grateful to her for having preserved that madness; for, gosaami sanity might bind us as a community, it is the specificity of our madness that makes us unique. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially ojy potentially libelous or harmful.

If you tell her, she’ll carry them to your doorstep. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

In this house If anyone loses anything, let Olu know. There she comes, through our lane, right behind Kaberi— Hamida with two bags big and small in her hands [ Dalloways and a thousand different Ramayanas.