Beamex MC6 – more than calibrator! Beamex® MC6 is an advanced, high- accuracy fi eld calibrator and communicator. It offers calibration capabilities for pressu. Beamex introduces an advanced, intrinsically safe field calibrator and communicator, called Beamex MC6-Ex. High-accuracy calibrator for pressure, temperature and electrical signals; Full multi-bus communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA.

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The information provided on this website is for guidance only and is in no way binding. Up to three internal pressure measuring modules and connection for external modules. This may be related to troubleshooting, surveillance, or calibration.

The MC6 is also a documenting calibrator. If you want to document your calibration, use the Documenting calibrator mode.

We think that carrying less is a better way. Pressure measurement Voltage measurement Current measurement Frequency measurement Pulse counting Switch state sensing.

Beamex MC6 Advanced Field Calibrator & Communicator

Being a high-end process calibrator, we of course made it very accurate. The Beamex MC6-Ex is an advanced calibrator and communicator, highly accurate with exceptional functionality. When going out in the field it is so much easier to carry one device with you, instead of carrying several separate devices.


Go paperless The MC6 is also a documenting calibrator. With the MC6, there is no error prone writing of calibration results on paper, manual error calculation, or manually typing results into the software. Please refer to the brochure for detailed specifications. An intuitive user interface with multiple user interface languages is included. Calibrator mode in MC6 is optimized for this type of use. What used to take three or four of us to do in the past, can be done by one, maybe two of us.

Beamex MC6 – Multifunction Calibrators | Elintos MS

How to calibrate a pressure transmitter. RTD simulation, TC simulation, resistance simulation 0… 4 k? Already a Beamex customer? Description Description Product Description.

The communicator mode in MC6 is optimized for this communication. Calibration of pressure, temperature and electrical signal measuring instruments Sectors of activity: We added a large backlit 5.

The MC6-Ex communicates with the Beamex calibration management software, which allows fully automated calibration and documentation without the use of paper. The measurement uncertainty is very small and 1 year stability is also specified.


Learn why and how m6c calibrate smart process instruments. Carry less The MC6 is a truly multifunctional field calibrator. I agree and I have read the legal notice. Communication with pressure controllers and dry temperature blocks in a safe area.

The MC6 is a truly multifunctional field calibrator. Its rugged, dust- and water-resistant IP65 rated housing, along with its ergonomic design and ease of use make the MC6-Ex an ideal device for field use.

Beamex MC6

We even added multiple beeamex interface modes for different use cases. The Beamex MC6 is an advanced, high-accuracy field calibrator and communicator. Here you can find free firmware updates, device descriptions and software tools.

Oil platforms, Oil refineries, drilling rigs and process plants, Pipelines and distribution centers, Chemical and petrochemical plants, Power plants.