Belladonna by Karen Moline – book cover, description, publication history. Belladonna was sold as a sexual slave for $1 million. After years of abuse at the hands of an anonymous English aristocrat and his peers she escapes with her. Filled with the mesmerizing eroticism of an Anne Rice novel, this new work by the author of “Lunch” presents the tale of a mysterious woman whose tortured past.

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He really made the book for me. Get Your Free Audiobook Belladonna. Doubtful, but I don’t know right now. Now, after an odyssey of escape, flight, and transformation, the bejeweled and utterly mysterious Belladonna will appear in swank ‘s Manhattan to create a spectacular nightclub.

But the sex never quite seems real or graphic enough to be frighteningand the revenge is too easily set up. The idea that a happy ending for a female protagonist has to be marriage and a baby is so disappointingly cookie cutter.

Aug 31, Liz rated it did not like it. molibe

If you ever wanted to get revenge on someone, you may want to read this book, it’s the ultimate in revenge. She is deliciously complex and wicked.

So I’m re-reading it to see if it should stay a “keeper” or not. I read this almost 15 years ago when I was in high school. That said it is dealt with sensitively, despite the book being about revenge. I think the concept of revenge appealed to me, as it would many people. After years of abuse at the hands of an anonymous English aristocrat and his peers she escapes with her daughter and two servants.

The plan succeeds but only after Belladonna has fallen for Guy and believes she no longer needs the protection of Thomasino.


Belladonna by Karen Moline

Instead of dancing at a masked ball, Isabella will become the sacrificial lamb in a ritual of domination and submission known only to the noblemen who call themselves the members of the Club.

A Gift For Kaen Please note, I read this book years ago. I do love a good revenge story. He loves to talk. Maybe the full text is erotic but this audio book had none of it. It has some trashy, cheesy elements but the revenge story is much more ruthless and calculating. Jul 03, Bettina rated it it was amazing. All I remembered was who the narrator of it was. So many emotions play out in Belladonna, as the story unfolds you want to weep for the character and those surrounding her, this explores dominance at it’s cruelest, bittersweet revenge?

Belladonna: A Novel of Revenge

Belladonna A novel by Karen Moline. I found myself feeling all the emtions of the character. After and beyond and far into her life A true novel of revenge, its graphic accounts in tasteful – and shocking – detail of Isabella’s life of servitude, abuse and emergence as a powerhouse of her own will and determination, Moline takes you on molie ride of your life.

If you like books with heroines who are deeply damaged and twisted If you read long enough into the book you’ll find out why she is then this is the book for you.


Belladonna – Karen Moline – Google Books

,oline character — as performed by Tim Curry — was your favourite? Returning to the somewhat eccentric narration, Tim Curry makes something of a meal of it, and can be irritating at times, but there is no doubt that what he delivers is what the book requires although overly smug at times.


I have read it belladdonna to cover at least a dozen times, if not more. But, the karfn Belladonna gets her revenge is witty and smart. I wasn’t too satisfied with the ending. It was ok, but not as good as I had thought it was in high school. He loves to be right. Isabella is actually purchased by a man she knows only as “His Lordship”, a man she will dedicate the rest of her life to belladonnq and destroying once she escapes her hell.

May 12, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Not only that, it has an interesting vie This is by far one of the most wonderfully trashy books I have ever read. Aug 11, Cwl rated it did not like it Shelves: Warner- Americans – pages.

Aug 25, Circa rated it did not like it Shelves: You almost have to read the book a 2nd time to incorporate all the new knowledge you learn so late in the game to see how it fits in with the beelladonna as a whole.


It’s not “literature”; it’s not going to win any prizes or probably change any lives. The story is narrated by a man named Tomasino, one of the few men that Belladonna truly trusts along with his twin M Isabella Ariel Nickerson is kidnapped and auctioned for 1 million beloadonna in s England.

Tomasino is a witty narrator. If you want an entertaining listen with a hint of erotica this is a good choice. Random House Audio Availability: