Colours. White. Colour Resistance as per German BFS-Merkblatt (Data Sheet) No. Binder: Class B Pigmentation: Group 1. Colour Resistance according to BFS Data [ ] Sheet No. Binder: Class B. Farbtonbeständigkeit gemäß BFS-Merkblatt [ ] Nr. . E3, – μm. Colour fastness according to BFS-Merkblatt (BFS. Leaflet) No. B Consumption: Per coating: approx. – ml/m² (for levelling paint).

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To avoid lapping, the paint should be applied wet-on-wet and without interruption. German committee dealing with paint and protection of real properties.

Capalac Aqua Metallschutz: Caparol

Keep out of reach of children. Thus all relevant copper surfaces must be protected against oxidation.

Do not apply on horizontal surfaces exposed to rain or moisture. Method of Application Guidelines for Spray Application: Apply by brush or paint roller only. Advice for allergy sufferers with isothiazolinone allergy: A thorough removal of rust to the degree of purity ST 3 by mechanical means or by hand may be sufficient, if corrosive loads are low e.


Carefully remove unstable existing coatings. Prime free-standing boards on both sides as well as on all edges.

Remove salty efflorescence by dry wire brushing. For an efficient application and an even surface treatment the tool sizes should be merkbblatt to the surface area to be coated.

If other cleaning methods are used washing, wire brushing, hosing with waterprime with AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger. Always use tinted paint of same batch, when meroblatt on seamless surfaces.

Capalac Aqua Metallschutz

Organically cross-linked nano-quartz particles form a compact, mineral-hard, three-dimensional quartz matrix structure against soiling and keep facades clean for a longer period. Prime chalking, sanding, absorbent surfaces with Merkvlatt.

On large, seamless areas a “clouding” effect may occur with spray coating and is sometimes unavoidable, due to sectioning surfaces in several operation segments.

Particular attention should be made to removing wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures.

On roughly textured surfaces correspondingly more.

PU-AlkydGeo: Caparol

Tool Cleaning Immediately after use with clean water. Disposal Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities. Minimum drying time between coats: Maximum temperature for high-pressure water jet: High-class aqueous mrekblatt alkyd lacquer white enamel for exterior and interior use. Therefore a durable protection cannot be guaranteed. Prime in accordance with Technical Information No.


Applicable on mineral and synthetic organic renders, coated or uncoated. Lower temperatures and higher humidity extend the drying time.

ThermoSan NQG

A second finishing coat may be necessary. ThermoSan NQG, diluted to a max. Then use Capatox or FungiGrund and allow to dry.

Production facilities with high moisture and some air pollution, e. Do not breathe spray dust. Avoid release to the environment.