Laurence Gardner, Prior of the Celtic Church’s Sacred Kindred of St . as much champions of the Holy Grail as were King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and Galahad. The Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail has ratings and 9 reviews. Ginny said: This book is very dry Laurence Gardner. · Rating details · ratings . Bloodline of the Holy Grail has ratings and 33 reviews. has been a hot topic during the last decade, and Gardner only offers a few original morsels. Very interesting, held my attention, but Sir Laurence would like us to believe that .

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You learn how the apostles Paul and Peter abused the teachings of Christ just to draw more power themselves and create the power-hungry Catholic Church of Rome which contradicts all the basic teachings of Jesus but still prevails to this day. May 25, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: So Jesus appears to have been born on two separate occasions: Kevin rated it liked it Apr 24, The Bible itself speculates Joseph of Aramathea to be brother of Mary, and Jesus’ sit, but historical documents show him to be son of Mary, and younger brother to Jesus and yes, even in the bible Jesus did have siblings Matthew From the Middle Ages there were a number of chivalric and military orders specifically attached to the Messianic Blood Royal in Britain and Europe.

Laurence Gardner

Brian Slevin rated it did not like it Feb 04, This key aspect of the Oof Code was perpetuated at the very heart of nursery tale and folklore. The depth of research here is incredible, and I found parts of it incredibly fascinating and illuminating.

Archived from the original on 30 December For daring to translate the Bible into English, the 14 th -century reformer John Wycliffe blood,ine denounced as a heretic and his books were burned. This Nazarene definition is very important to the Grail story because it has been so often misrepresented to suggest that Jesus came from the town of Nazareth. The account even had Lazarus and Jesus calling to each other before the tomb was opened.


Bloodline Of The Holy Grail

Laurence Gardner – It is detailed that the oil used in Judah was the fragrant ointment of spikenard an expensive root oil from the Himalayas and it is explained that this ritual was performed while the kingly husband sat at the table. The Grail Code is the essential key to democratic government. The information was often political, so it was coded and veiled. What made the Lazarus raising special was that Jesus performed the release while not holding any priestly entitlement to do so – subsequent to which Herod-Antipas of Galilee compelled the High Priest of Jerusalem to acknowledge the unprecedented event.

This was the home of the Cathars the Pure Oneswho were said to be the guardians of a great and sacred treasure -a mysterious secret which could overturn orthodox Christianity. As previously mentioned, Matthew states that Jesus was born in a house and, when correctly translated, Luke reveals that Jesus was laid in a manger an animal feeding box because there garrdner no cradle provided in the room.

But is there anything od in the Gospels today – anything which perhaps the editors missed? Contrary to the Gospels, it supposed that Mary Magdalene had been present at the event, and lwurence was agreed that the reason why Jesus had not passed any wine to Mary at the table was because he had seen gagdner laughing!

It explains some of the held beliefs and customs at the time of Jesus, and does speculate though does not dwell very longo This book is very dry reading. Although not an ordained priest, he gained his right to Messiah status sie way of descent from King David and the kingly line, but he did not achieve that status until he was ritually anointed by Mary Magdalene in her capacity as a bridal high priestess.

To ask other readers questions about Bloodline of the Holy Grailplease sign up. They are brazen enough to teach, to engage in argument, to baptize. In the New Testament, the anointing of Jesus by Mary Magdalene was indeed performed while he sat at the table, and specifically with the bridal ointment of spikenard. The fact is that the information has never been suppressed by those whom it concerns. Inthe main thrust of the Inquisition or Holy Office as it was called was instituted yb Pope Gregory IX during the course of the Languedoc massacre, and it was set against anyone who supported the Grail heresy.

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The book goes into very granular detail regarding the royal bloodlines of Europe.

What the Bible text actually says is: Other anointings of Messiahs whether on coronation or admission to the senior priesthood were always conducted by men: Indeed, just like today, a common test for reflex action was scratching, prodding or pricking the skin with a sharp instrument.

It was a tough read at times and the authors make several large jumps, but it was still an interesting theory to read about.

Laurence Gardner – Wikipedia

I loved this book and I will be using it in my research for many years to come. In fact like Nazareththe place later dubbed Arimathea never existed in those times. These savage persecutions and tortures were openly waged for more than years, to be extended against Jews, Muslims and Protestant dissenters.

What is the significance of the perpetual blood of Jesus?

And so we come to one of the most misunderstood events in the Bible – the Ascension. It is, however, not just the Christian New Testament which suffers from these sexist restrictions.

This is a decisive and compelling geneological study of the man known as Jesus, his ancestors, and his decsendants.