You can find the manual for your Bremshey Cross Trainer below. Bremshey Orbit Ambition Cross Trainer · Bremshey Orbit Control Cross Trainer · Bremshey. Check the reed sensor also known as the speed sensor. It is located on the front roller pulley. It is mounted to the frame and looks like a small. 18TSFC_Star Fit C HR i-Plus Crosstrainer_OMpdf . _Bremshey Orbit Ambition C_User Manual. pdf. MB.

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The software will use the parameters from the user interface memory for controlling the electromagnetic brake and store them also to EEPROM.

“service manual” |

Make sure the brush clips are seated firmly. From the drive belt side, slide the flywheel majual of the axle. Check connections and wiring from sensor to meter. The one thing that complicates the situation is the friction between the user and the tread.

Hold down ‘ZOOM’ —button and rotate selection wheel first 5 steps minimum counter-clockwise and then 5 steps clockwise. In the winter especially, treadmills should be moved away from heat vents. The principle is similar to setting a servo-control system shown later Servo Motor Resistance Control The servo-motor is located next to the flywheel unit.

Otherwise, call the dealer for service. Operation As suggested earlier, in order to test the servo-motor unit it is necessary to simulate the product in use.

The securing nut a should be released and the adjusting nut turned to increase or decrease the tension of the cable. Remove brush retainer spring clip and slide brush out of slide.

The cross frames often need to be replaced in this situation. Unscrew adjuster and allow tube to move to lower position. Bremahey the bolts and slide the roller up and then out sidewise from the tread.


Bremshey Orbit Fit (4182b) Cross Trainer

Before proceeding ensure the treadmill is unplugged and at 0 elevation. Neither memory has valid parameters 1. After belt is plud it will need to be lubed, tensioned, and the tracking checked. Manaul that in case of a fault or a malfunction, the component or unit of components in question, and especially the electronic components, are not to be repaired, instead they must be replaced by a new component.

Remove the foot-tubes, main covers and flywheel belt as previously outlined to access this area.

Manual – Bremshey Orbit Fit (b) Cross Trainer

Lift motor power cable disconnected Lift motor electronically damaged preventing the movement Error can be reset only by disconnecting the power cable. The primary intention of this Service Manual is to enhance the reader’s knowledge of the structures of the Tunturi bike ergometers E30, E40, E45, E60, E80 and E85 and Tunturi fitness bike F30 autumn onwards.

Remove locking nut, washer and breshey. Remove cap from rear axle if applicable. Meter correctly fitted and not loose Check for damaged covers and framework. Remove wheel bracket from frame. Unfortunately, these materials conduct static charge more easily than natural cotton fibres. Lower Swing arm to foot-tube joint The 2 components are connected via an axle through the lower swing arm which has sinter bearing bushes inside. Replace the separating bush and then re-fit second bearing as above.

Please ensure that at this bremzhey the belt remains on the resistance flywheel boss by observing its position during rotation.

Levelling screws should be set maual that the machine is level. Switch on power and adjust resistance to maximum from meter 4. If treadmill recovers to normal operation, you may continue to use the treadmill.

Plux it is moved towards the center of the flywheel the resistance is at its least and further away the resistance is at its greatest. To re-fit new bearings push one bearing into the frame housing and tap lightly with a soft faced hammer until the face of the bearing is flush with the top of the frame.


Console will go into LED testing mode. From there the machine is grounded using a three-pronged plug into the wall. Be careful to remove the bush which separates the 2 bearings. Remove the securing bolt and replace it with the adaptor until approximately 5mm is still exposed above the internal face of the brdmshey side cross frame 6.

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Use mmanual wrench to turn the top half of the extractor tool until the 2 units are separated. Error can be reset also by re-inserting the safety key.

If the readout from the potentiometer is 1 the software is not picking any signal from the potentiometer Possible reasons: Lower board memory is damaged and the lower board needs to be replaced Please note that the ergometer can be used normally even it gives bremsheg error during start-up. Please ensure that at this point the the belt remains on the resistance flywheel boss by observing its position during rotation.

If required, remove the left side assembly by the following method: Introduce the belt by fitting it over the resistance flywheel boss groove side down and under the upper tension wheel kunder plux the top of the floating tension wheel. While an anti-static strap will eliminate static discharge, it can be annoying to the user.

Remove cap from the centre of the right-hand side drum cover. With an anti-static strap, manul electric charge that builds up around the user, is immediately directed to the frame of the machine.