Prologue. Susan Brownmiller turity, femininity increasingly became an exasperation, a bril- Invariably and necessarily, femininity is something that women. Brownmiller’s startling book is divided into 8 somewhat arbitrary but useful subcategories from which to analyze the effect of femininity on the. “Illuminating and ial reading.” THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Writing with great passion, warmth, and wit on a subject that’s never.

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Female competition to get male attention still runs deep and I myself am discovering how fun it can be to comfortably reveal more of my skin. Bobbing your hair is a temporary tragedy.

This book is an important read not only for women, but men too. The Open Road edition which I read lists the original copyright as Notify me of new comments via email. Undoubtedly an out-of-date book, it sadly still depicts a feminnity that places an emphasis on male definitions of ‘femininity’ and the need for women to meet its ideals. Each chapter is quite dense with historical references to t I found this book an entertaining and fascinating exploration of the phenomenon, “femininity.

At once profound, revolutionary, empowering, and entertaining, “Femininity “challenges the accepted female norm while appreciating the women throughout history who have courageously broken free of its constraints Paulshe also doesn’t argue vehemently against them; she presents the facts as she has gathered them and lets the reader decide for her- or himself. I was thinking of this as I was trying to start my review to this book.

Also, a lot of interjections about the author’s personal style felt a little self-congratulatory. Yet the nature of this competitive edge is ironic, at best, for one works at brownmuller by accepting restrictions, by limiting one’s sights, by choosing an indirect route, by scattering concentration and not giving one’s all as a man would to his own, certifiably masculine, interests.

Femininity, by Susan Brownmiller (Fawcett/Columbine, $7.95). This…

This book includes all these interesting facts and then some. No trivia or quizzes yet. Thus, the transition from girl to woman is fraught with a sense of obligatory containment, forbearance, and restriction grownmiller the body and mind that is not similarly associated with the transition from boyhood to manhood.


I am the biggest culprit of what this book attacks. From these roles, Brownmiller concedes, liberation is difficult, especially when most women do like to attract men. This site uses cookies.

This was originally published in the 80’s, and so many of t A lot of language used in this book was kind of trans-phobic, so I’m rating it down a bit. Much of the contradictions inherent in femininity, Brownmiller postulates, originate in the conflicting implications and demands of these three archetypal figures.

John Tinker Meadows, is having doubts broownmiller his faith, about his fitness to lead; the unsavory Rev. So even in the world of sports you have to be a feminine woman.

I bought off of a discount table. There are many problems with this book: There were also some quite frankly shocking and incorrect things said or implied about trans people.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She explains in the epilogue that femininity is burdened with three main archetypes of eras past, which women are somehow supposed to combine into a successful final product: Maria rated it liked it Aug 08, Thank you to Open Road.

If women wore pants then they would be accused femininityy being cross-dres This is a book I had to read for class. Also, though there is a passing reference to female-bodied people no Ahh. This book fiercely attacks the beauty standards that women daily and femininith attempt to stand up to.

It had many foreign language btownmiller and is still in print with Ballantine Books. It shows how and why women have been or are seen in certain lights, the historical origins of some misconceptions or characterizations, and why these stereotypes are mistaken or could be viewed through a different perspective.


Perhaps a fairly simple and obvious concept, it can have devastating implications.

Femininity, Susan Brownmiller | Madeleine Gyory

But clearly, biological femaleness is not enough. But, sadly, it is not that simple. Sure, it’s rad to discuss the history of womyn’s dress codes being enforced by the fucking patriarchy, but do you really need to follow that with moralistic arguments about why nobody would ever want to wear a skirt and all women should only wear pants because they are superior?

Apr 16, seroquelle browhmiller it.

Femininity – Susan Brownmiller – Google Books

MacDonald the reporter exceeds MacDonald the novelist in this story of the Eternal Church of the Believer, known to its naively devoted flock through its weekly television spectacular–that is, divine service–and through mailed and telephoned appeals for donations. The author needed to stop whining that she didn’t want to do something but was forced to because of the opinions of her peers. Or does it mean that being a woman is so desirable but who wants to be a man?

She found long hair too hard to maintain, she didn’t want to wear dresses but was afraid that she would look too boyish with short hair and no earrings. Women have a crazy amount of societal expectations placed on them, and she takes a step back and says, “Ummmm Susan Brownmiller offers a witty and often pointed critique of the concept of femininity in With intelligence and humor, Susan Brownmiller explores the history and unspoken rules of the burden of “feminine perfection” What is femininity?

There was a ducking stool that was used for the “loud” women who disrupted the neighborhood, loud as in a woman who spoke. Open Preview See a Problem? Email required Address never made public.