Boost Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals by Artur Yusupov “Yusupov series of books (Build up your chess, Boost your chess, Chess Evolution) for players in. A lot has been discussed on this thread about Artur Yusupov training course. Since this is a great resource and Build Up Your Chess 1. Build Up Your Chess 2. Artur Yusupov was a very strong Grandmaster in his prime. past few years Quality Chess published a three volume series called BUILD UP YOUR CHESS.

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Boost Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals by Artur Yusupov

The aim of these nine books is take the student from the club level to master strength. The Fundamentals by Artur Yusupov.

They are a tough series of books to work through The latter may well be where the Russian-German GM makes his most lasting contribution. No PayPal account needed. Pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Gollum 2 de abril de Such an approach has been seen before but never done as fhess.

Gollum’s Chess Reviews: Review: Build up your Chess by Yusupov

Boost Your Chess 1. I’ll probably grab the first one and see how it goes and how well I like it. I doubt Pachman’s books are strucutred that way. For example Aagaard in his first book on attacking chess readily admits that we may find something better. However, Yusupov’s books are designed for use in a 3 year long formal chess instruction program.

Yeah, real rip zrtur there.

I had read that the “fundamentals” were ok for elo players. In recent years he has mainly worked as a chess trainer with players ranging from World Champion Anand to local amateurs in Germany, where he resides. Artur Yusupov was ranked No. The subject matter covered is as follows: There are some very challenging puzzles in ‘the fundamentals’.


I don’t really think even the first book is for absolute beginners with no tactical knowledge since he doesn’t really explain basic motifs just give examples of some intermediate level tactics.

In other words, you do the builld cover books “build, boost, evolve” then the blue cover books, then the green cover books. Yusupov in his introduction says the book is aimed at players below but this needs some fine-tuning.

cgess I’m working trough a tactics book now and have another I want to complete after that one, so it might be a while before I actually start the Yusupov book. Each chapter starts with the introduction of a theme followed by progressively more difficult examples and finally exercises to solve with detailed solutions.

Dec 13, 8.

But a very strong GM thinks that this position is an excellent demonstration of the virtues of a particular move illustrating some core principle. Dec 6, 6. Which piece is the artuf Aside from the excellent instructional value the books provide in general, this is one of the great strengths of the series — it really helps you figure out what you need to work on!

Dec 5, 1. A Wild Game That Worked! All you need to do is get dirty!

As someone who really likes tests and witu, it is a little hard for me to let go of the feeling of being unfairly penalized when a bui,d says that my move was just as good as Yusupov’s. These days Yusupov doesn t play so yuxupov preferring to spend his time teaching and writing. View cart My Account. Boost Your Chess 1: I picked up the first of these texts that month. I guess they wanted the 1st book for each of the different levels out at roughly the same time, and thus the publising order has been to do each of the “Build Up” books, then each of the “Boost” books then lastly each of the “Evolve” books in English.


Pulpofeira 11 min ago. Build up your Chess by Yusupov. Next month I’ll be at least barring a total collapse in my current tournament. Artur Yusupov was a very strong Grandmaster in his prime. I hit in the hour 6 months. No PayPal account needed.

Placing second and third in the voting were books from Garry Kasparov and Mark Dvoretsky. Magnus Carlsen–did he use cheat codes at world championship?

GM Rameshprobably the best trainer in the world. Suggested rating ranges maybe; I haven’t seen anything in a cursory search. Many moves are reasonable. Artur Yusupov was ranked No.


Dec 6, 2. Michael McGuertyChessCafe full review. Of course, I probably would be better off actually going through more of the books I already have but will have some extra money to spend on books so I want to get something good: Trainer of Praggnanandhaa, Aravind and many other promising young Indians.

Nobody said rip off, they said a lot of money, which depends on your financial situation. Like the first three volumes in this series, this work is designed for self-study. CM Eric-Cesar 14 min ago.