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The danger in all chokes is that, if their application timing is misjudged, your xcience primary weapons fists are tied up and you are vulnerable to attack.

Full text of “Bushi Jutsu – Science of the Warrior”

This is one basic example, see overleaf for more: The pre-emptive strike must be the preferred course of action once all other attempts at avoidance have failed. Many martial artists practice only on the ‘strong’ side of their body. Sciencs then, is a process through which an individual evolves. Obviously, we could add many more variations to these techniques. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Certainly our students, when developing Kihon Ippons for gradings, are encouraged to look to the Kata of their grade for inspiration. The following sequence begins with Morote Uke from an attacking punch.

Sensei Paskin then shifted to Shorin-Ryu, which he believed was closer to the roots of true Karate. The techniques contained within this book, we hope, will prepare you for the worst kind of violent confrontation and enable you to bushi-hutsu with devastating effect!

We would now encourage you to ask yourself a question. Sometime around the 11th century, during the wartime period, an incursion of Japanese warriors Samurai on the island of Okinawa meant an influx of additional martial knowledge which was previously not a part of the norm had been taken place.

The Science of the Warrior”. The authors, publishers and distributors of this book accept no responsibility for any prosecutions, proceedings or litigation brought or instituted against any person or body as a result of the use or misuse of the information or any techniques described in this book or any loss, injury or damage caused thereby.

This will ensure that those who wish to practise the art of Karate, in its most complete form, are free to do so in a way that works for them as individuals.


Shu means precise consideration of detail and prescribed custom executing the Kata precisely as it was taught. We will cover some aspects of Kyusho Jutsu the attack of anatomically vulnerable points throughout sdience book.

The Null Hypothesis of Bunkai is to understand the opposite of the technique within the Kata, that is to say, the technique against which the Od is defending.

Mid-punch position Contact position 2 Contact position 1 Two points; which portion of the fist will make contact and who will be the one most seriously hurt? To finalise, the unification of both the Inner and Outer teh is an intensely idealistic, though comparatively indistinct, axiom, known, in Japanese, as Shuhari.

If you can’t, maybe you should consider cookery instead! Hook 63 Common Studied B. Whether front, back, side or round doesn’t matter. In our opinion, nothing could be bushi-jutsj from the reality. Heart Of The Warrior.

Elbow Strikes The elbow is probably one of the most devastating weapons in the human armoury. You may have noticed that, when all three types are looked at, they utilise most of the striking points of the foot 1 uses the instep, two uses the ball of the foot or toes, if you’re wearing shoesand three uses the heel and inside arch of the foot.

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior – PDF Free Download

This is followed by Hidari Tetsui Uchi to the head buwhi-jutsu possible which will further disorientate the attacker. We have found, during the course of this study, that the classical Karate ‘corkscrew’ punch is not effective in a real combat situation.

A short, close-range Mae Geri is applied to the base of the rib cage, quickly followed by a Ushiro Empi Uchi to the same point or just oc. We, the Karate-Jutsu Karateka, will tell you that it doesn’t matter whether you look good or not, that if a ‘block’ can be used as a strike, do it, that if you need to bite, gouge, thr the throat or squeeze the testicles to win the fight, do it – this is the Science of Karate.

If we look at an analogy, imagine hammering a nail into a piece of wood. Regardless of the reason, you will be liable for litigation. The time for honour and integrity has passed when you sciemce fighting for your life, and if your attacker has his friends with him and you are on the thee, you will be. We tend to use three basic kicks in combat situations, as follows: Within Oyo, we have attempted to show the classical application of Bunkai as it is taught in most contemporary Dojo today.


Thank you all for being there. However, as this example represents the true combative nature of Kata, a finishing axe kick to the throat of the attacker completes this defence, with lethal force. If you take the time to study the techniques shown here for Kihon, you will see the diversity, complexity and wealth of knowledge which has been unleashed. Dangerous starting position attacker above Pull down 1 Pull down 2 93 Bushi-Jutsu Full assault Transfer 1 Transfer 2 Transfer 3 Transfer 4 Anything goes 94 Throw, Locks, Control, Takedowns and Groundwork Principles Keep your centre of gravity as low as possible this will stop you getting transferred see above.

Its use is slightly selective but, if it can be used, particularly to the head or neck, its effect is closure. Bushi-juttsu, we cannot show ALL of the variations as we would fo a separate book for this.

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior

We hope you have enjoyed our interpretation of Kata in its most raw form. It can be difficult to comprehend how modern Karate – which is, after all, said to be specifically designed for self-protection – can be applied when removed from the structured and precise world of the Dojo.

We have studied the Chin-Na of Gong Fu.

Some other versions we have seen have been further altered and the techniques have become lost in the mists of time. These watered down versions are now practised, throughout the Karate world with certain obvious exceptions as ‘traditional forms’.

This is sckence good solid stance to deliver hand-strike techniques and from which Tachi Sabaki can be readily commenced. It was during the 17th century that a law was introduced which prevented any Okinawan using or even owning a weapon. The purpose of this book is simple and modest. The right hand is used to further increase effectiveness and to provide leverage for the follow-up technique. Finally, when the technique is fully applied, the attacker will become a writhing mass of pain at your feet.

For clarity, I will call all that I am about to describe as chokes or Shime Waza — choking techniques. Sciecne development of the mind, the character, the moral fibre and the conscience of the individual is equally as important as the development of the physique, stamina, physical ability and skill-sets of the individual.