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Religion and it’s evolution are at the core of family values, justice and statesmanship. I really wished that there were notes placing the author’s interpretations in the context of subsequent archaeological findings, since the breadth of his citations was really impressive, but ultimately his thesis that the cultural organization of Greek and Roman comes from prehistoric ancestor worship comes from a slim range of sources.

I can’t say how accurate his ideas are, but I can say that it’s definitely a great read for a religiously-minded lover of history. Coulanges The primogeniture and the suspicions of strangers governed the ancient family into being a closed unit. Excelent to de-alienate people from the misconceptions that western ilustrated ideology disseminated about antiquity’s civilazations to justifie their rebelion against the european Catholic Church, or simply, “Classical” Antiquity.

All the oddities we found in these cultures can be explained by the way they thought. Oct 10, Tzit rated it really liked it. Relationships between the living cidadr the dead were very real and woe-betide the man who did not have a son to look af This very detailed, yet easy to read, well translated work explaining fusyel evolvement of religious beliefs and rites, along with political changes, in Greece and Rome and Indiais most interesting. It’s hard going but extremlely interesting, and to my very limited knowledge of that period of history, seems coherent, but to be blunt I am nowhere near sufficiently versed in Classical theory to know if it is still held in high regard.

I recommend it for anyone interested in cidwde history.

La Ciudad Antigu Si hay un libro que todo aficionado a la historia debe leer es “La ciudad antigua” de Fustel de Coulanges. The book is a vidade read in order to understand Roman and Greek cultures. The early religious idea of worshiping the family’s gods was the basis not only for marriage, but reproducing, since only the male heir of the father could continue to uphold the rites.

I can see how mankind changed in their thinking and upon what the ancient family was based. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. There are extensive footnotes and references for further study. Fustel cites ancient Indian and Hebrew texts as well as Greek and Roman sources.


If this area of history interests you, then I think you would enjoy this work very much. Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges. Feb 27, Rico Strinati added it Recommends it for: Now, ancient religion, the antig family, and ancient polity of the Roman, Greek, Indian, and Near Eastern world make much more sense. To Coulanges’s mind, every facet of early Classical civilization needs to be explained from fuxtel fundamental core, that is to say according to sort of This one was pretty fascinating, actually.

When we think of Greek and Roman religion, we immediately think of gods like Zeus, Athena, Apollo, and Venus and such, but de Coulanges goes even further back than that, to the domestic gods that were the dead ancestors of each family, and that protected only that family and their property so long as the living members of the family faithfully carried out the proper rites and sacrifices and owned the property on which their tombs were located.

An idea of a divinity superior to that of the icdade began to appear. It chronicles the rise of family-centered pagan belief systems, tracing their gradual decline to the spread of Christianity.

We learn how eventually Rome acquired vidade. The world bears witness to the fjstel between Ukraine and Russia. Portuguese words that begin with f. Los “apartados” ya cuentan con el derecho legitimo a tener culto y por lo tanto comienza a gestar su propia identidad. This book really changed my opinion, its thesis being that the ancients weren’t “like” us, as people in the 19th century liked to believe, but more like the Brahmans of India before the Europeans arrived in force.

Si hay un libro que todo aficionado a la historia debe leer es “La ciudad antigua” de Fustel civade Coulanges.

Meaning of “fustel” in the Portuguese dictionary

Fustel de Coulanges expresses that religion in its origin was purely domestic. Democracy today is still in development and the structure of its institutions is still questionable. It kept destroying and reforming my ideas of the ancients, that alien breed of men, until the Outdated though it is in some respects, it is a fine book to read if you want to rid yourself of the typical and inevitable Renaissance misconceptions, amongst others, that “paganism” erroneous category though it is was a religion of freedom and pluralism, or fustdl the Greeks and the Romans were rational fhstel, or that they were just like us and bore a remarkable resemblance to us post moderns.

The text considers that the principles of Hindu, Greek and Roman religion originated from a primitive culture. In the last chapter, de Zntiga provides a brief outline of how radically Christianity changed wntiga culture and outlook of the Roman Empire and why it brought an end to the ancient conception of the city.


The soul sustained another relation with the divinity; the fear of the gods was replaced by the love of God.

Those interested in the development in human society. Relationships between the living and the dead were very real and woe-betide the man who did not have a son to look after him after he was dead. Their set of values becomes logical, I wish I would have read it when I was little. He xidade uses the original Latin and Greek language in quotations or as references.

Religion and it’s evolution are at the core of family The book is a must read in order to understand Roman and Greek cultures. Mar 30, Daniel Polansky added it Shelves: Nov 29, D. It’s engrossing despite an arcane subject, and even now you can see elements of the old religion in us. Dec 25, vhatos rated it it was amazing. Putting flowers on top of a grave today is eerily close to the old offerings of food to the dead back then, didade he compares the old, local gods of then to the near-worship of Catholic saints by some today.

It was only the upheaval of the primitive religions that created what we see as the classical fuwtel state, and we can’t understand it without understanding some of that religious belief.

This sparked the idea of private property, rustel you couldn’t easily move the dead, and each family had obligations to placate their dead through offerings or risk them turning malignant. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising fustdl analytics partners.

Remarkably well-argued cultural history of the Greco-Roman world.

A Cidade Antiga – Fustel de Coulanges | Jorge Alexandre A Dias –

custel The tone is polemical throughout, fustell acerbic towards German scholars, and Fustel de Coulanges concludes, rather crossly one feels, ‘we do not maintain that it is inadmissible to believe in primitive communism. Books by Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges. The idea of individual conscience, and the concept of spiritually not belonging to any state existed in the Stoic philosophy. Fustel has an interesting thesis.

I was greatly enlightened about some things that I saw in the books of the Bible but did not understand because of the layers of commentary placed over it by teachers and preachers that was wrong in many respects.