Bass Boost. JDS Labs’s success is due to cMoyBB’s legendary bass boost switch. Switched off, your original audio signal is amplified. Switched on, bass. On a shoestring budget for an amplifier to boost the sound quality from your high- end headphones? The CMoy headphone amplifier is your. The CMoy headphone amp is a popular headphone amplifier that is small enough to carry everyday and powerful enough to drive headphones at higher levels.

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Views Read Edit View history. Ideal for portable use of most headphones. The circuit includes an auto ranging as well as reset switch and produces very accurate and stable readings. Great way to make your amp yours! Features of the cMoyBB v2. In cnoy case it is necessary use also two electrolytic capacitors C1a and C1b. Power System cMoyBB handles more than twice the voltage of most cMoys and supports dual rail splitters.

TLE Rail Splitter chip for stable power supply. Their customer service and support is equally awesome. The Hewdphone headphone amp is just such an example In my post you can find my experience with creating this simple but very good amplifier. My power supply unit has two possibility. Chu Moy headphone amplifier”. Using a headphone amplifier will not only allow you to listen at increased volume levels but will provide you with much more dynamic, full sounding audio.


Please see our article Power is Volume for more information.

CMoy Headphone Amplifier

Few months ago I decided built this amplifier also. We hand assemble each cMoyBB and tweak output power and bass boost for your equipment.

Power is supplied to the opamps using a dual power supply, which effectively divides the input voltage source in half to create a virtual ground. Great, sturdy little powerhouse. Great job JDS Labs! Switched on, bass increases up to 9. Hdadphone be back for any possible audio needs”. Firts possibility is use passive voltage divider, consist of two resistors R1a and R1b.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The CMoy headphone amplifier can be fit into Altoids c,oy and can often be found for sale on eBay by searching for “CMoy”. It can be connected to any type of stereo audio source such as iPod, Computer, Laptop, CD Player, Walkman, Television, Satellite Receiver, Tape Deck or other stereo system to transmit stereo sound with excellent clarity throughout your home, office, yard or camp ground.

It consists of cmoyy a few components, can be assembled on a small section of protoboardhas a lower parts cost than other headphone amplifiers, and can run for many hours on a single 9 volt battery. The default cMoyBB produces output power similar to a smartphone. It also analyzes transistor’s characteristics such as voltage and gain. Best for most users. The good news is this can easily be fixed by using am headphone amplifier power levels needed to power larger hifi headphones.


Voted a top 5 portable headphone amplifier by Lifehacker. If you use Headphonr, you will find many pages and pictures about CMoy. These high-quality, Japanese made potentiometers feature smooth, noise free operation. No more hiss with my new O2 headphone amp from jdslabs.

CMoy Headphone Amplifier

It is a very useful bench test equipment for testing and finding out the frequency of various devices with unknown frequency such as oscillators, radio receivers, transmitters, function generators, crystals, etc. Decoupling capacitors on all power pins significantly enhance opamp stability and sound quality. As the op-amp directly drives headphones some care should be given when choosing an op-amp, some op-amps are not suitable for such low impedance loads and will result in poor performance.

Absolutely recommend this shop for high quality audiophile equipment.