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The distributionof restraintstiffnessesoverlateralbearinglengths,transition lengths, and over axial bearing lengths is described in detail in the CAESAR ll user’s manual. Pipe Stress Analysis Do I really need it?

Seminar price includes continental breakfast and lunch daily, plus snacks and refreshments. How the Course Will Help You Personally You’ll learn problem solving principles that you will apply to real piping systems. Gain confidence in your modeling abilities; build better models faster! Apparently, you are just supposed to already know everything, or buy your own codes and software, or take your own courses and teach yourself – on your own time – the things you don’t know.

I do have exposure to piping since I am working in same field for two years now. The course notes are about pages of very good reference material that you will use long after the course.

You’ll save your company money by helping them keep more jobs in-house, provide more accurate cost estimates, and save future re-designs by having a better system from inception. We will confirm your reservation once we receive by mail, fax, or e-mail the completed registration form.

Note that this step should be skipped when doing dynamic analysis of underground pipe, since the mass distribution is important in the dynamic analysis.



The next run of pipe accommodates a full23 foot run, so two supports can be located between node points 30 analjsis Through working with some good mentors where I am, I’ve already been exposed to most of it, but it’s exactly the kind of thing that I would have found very useful starting out. Very knowledgeable, good speaker and good teacher.

Click here to download. The complete course lasts five days; three days for modeling and static analysis, analysiw twodays for dynamic analysis. Now supports can be located elsewhere in the system, starting at the nozzle at node point Operations aked me to look into the effects of elevated temperature excursions in the steam let-down piping, which often approached or exceeded the graphitization threshold for carbon steel.

Payment must be received within one week of the start of the course. If someone is sponsoring you to take the class, I agree you should go for it. The first of stresz is optional, depending on whether the nozzle at node point 10 is assumed toact as an anchor,and whether it isdesirable to minimize the nozzle loads on the equipment.

Engineering course given by an engineer, not a salesperson or computer programmer.

Pipe Stress Analysis (Seminar Notes) – PDF Free Download

Therefore, substituting this value for the weight component of the stress equation: But I have not taken any formal training in piping and no expereince in stress analysis either. The instructors have mastered the course content and have combined it with good field experience. In these situations, the default soil model will probably provide as good an estimate of the actual soil properties as any. Advance Pipe Stress Analysis Documents.


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The undergrourid modeler provides two services to the user: Practical examples were used for exercises. Now, of course, there is B Byusingthestandard span criteria,the engineer can assume that the maximum stress in the piping system due to weight loading does not exceed psi. Online video libraries let you learn any lesson in any order, so now you can explore caesar ii and pipe stress analysis training your. October 21 – 25, Download Registration form Calgary, October Benefits analydis Attending Documents.

Practical example Theory – Designing for expansion loads; flexibility Detailed problem solving of a more complex model, including: Cancellations Cancellations will be accepted, without charge, up to two weeks prior to the beginning of the course. Often there is absolutely no quantitative data available on the soil at the site.

One ofthese stresses, caused by internal pressure, is called hOopstress.

Pipe Stress Analysis (Seminar Notes)

Via an approach that was somewhat similar to what is now in B From expansion joints and spring hanges to vibration and time-history analysis, the seminar course notes provide a great information resource that you will continue to use long after the course itself.

These highly regarded seminars are conducted regularly in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Assume that the capacity of the buildingsteeldictatesthat theweight of theriser be split between twosupports.