Legislative Programme, CABINET. BROADCASTING AND TELEVISION. Mpmnr^ndum by the .. THE COBBOLD COMMISSION REPORT. () by the Commission of Enquiry in North Borneo and Sarawak Regarding the formation See also: The Malaysia, Report of the Inter-Governmental Committee, Report of obedient servant,⁠ COBBOLD. ⁠A Commission under the chairmanship of Lord Cobbold visited North Borneo and Sarawak between February and April, and its Report.

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January 2, — It caught the U. This resulted in Sabah illegal transfer to Malaysia.

File:Report of the commission of enquirynorth borneo & sarawak & igc 1962.pdf

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Wikipedia articleWikidata item. With erport graduates in total, it is unclear how many of these graduates bothered cobbolld give their views. You must, where you do any of the above: The London discussions were held from the 20th—22nd November,and a Joint Statement by the British and Malayan Governments was issued on the 23rd November, The unlawful Sabah transfer based on deception of a non- existent Referendum was an unconscionable act of Great Britain and Malaysia and they are both liable under the law.

Piracy in the Sulu Sea.

THE COBBOLD COMMISSION: Giving people a voice – The Borneo Post SEEDS by BPOnline

You are free to: The British and Malayan Governments have received and studied the report of the Commission under the Chairman of Lord Cobbold which visited North Borneo and Sarawak earlier this year to ascertain the view of the inhabitant on the proposal to create a Federation of Malaysia embracing MalayaSingapore cmmission, North BorneoSarawakand Brunei. The formation of Malaysia— It was important, however, that in accordance with the rights of a decolonised country to assert its self-determination, that the people of Sarawak and North Borneo were polled and asked what their feelings were on becoming part of the federation.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This work is incomplete. Legal Meaning of the Term “Native” Views View Edit History.

This was no referendum at all but a lame exercise to perverse the course of justice by Malaysia and Great Britain. It was open British and Malayan defiance and contravention of the U. A non-American governmental edict may still be copyrighted outside the U.

Assurances were given that evidence and memoranda submitted to us would be treated xobbold confidential to the Commission; where views are attributed in this Report to particular organisations or bodies, they had already been made known in the Press by the organisations or bodies themselves.

Public domain Public domain false false. Retrieved from ” https: An open invitation to appear before the Commission was extended to all persons who wished to give oral evidence.

This page commsision last edited on 8 Februaryat They had argued that there were no native representatives from North Borneo Sabah and Sarawak in the Cobbold Commission.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lord Cobbold summarised the results as follows:. The Committe noted the mention stated in paragraph 4 of the joint public statement Annex C to conclude a formal commiseion embodying detailed constitutional arrangements including safeguards for the special interests of North Borneo and Sarawak.


File:Report of the commission of enquirynorth borneo & sarawak & igc pdf – Wikimedia Commons

We are glad to be able to record that full advantage was taken of this invitation and that as a result we were able to meet and talk with large numbers representative individuals and bodies, many of whom had submitted written memoranda which we were able to discuss with them.

The Committee examined the Constitution of the Federation of Malaya and this Report seta out the amendements, including trasitional provisions which the Committee considers will be neceeary to meet the requirements of North Borneo and Sarawak hereinafter referred to as the Borneo States and, subject to these and the amendements necessary in relation to any other new State, accepts that the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia will be based upon the Constitution of the Federation of Malaya as it applies in relation to the States which are at present States of the Federation of Malaya.

Lim Beng Siew, and Mr.

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