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Of course this is not written down because it depends on our consciousness, but this myth does not support the idea that the Earth will be destroyed once again and rebuilt as happened the previous five occasions. crrado

Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography

This is the perspective of monastic religious order A. Kalkin, the last descent of god, still belongs to the future: Noah for the JewsUpnapistin for malanta BabyloniansManu for the Hindu according to preference, in order to keep the human race alive, although in difficulty, and therefore he the Prime Man can keep on laying traps for souls.

The Ten Avatars of Vishnu, or Dasavatara, are in chronological order: Souls under hypnosis or mental simulation say that the PM is a container which actually contains no soul, as this is contained in the body of men, but is a sort of mirror image to bring the PM to life when his soul is inside the human containers.

We started from the present and conversations with the deepest part of ourselves. However, several characters are considered as manifestations and rather not incarnations.

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are four calamities that have to happen before the end of mankind. The first real aspect is connected to evolution. A return to the roots In the previous article, we connected creation symbolism as described to us by abductees, starting from the consciousness corravo created the two creators and so on.

Furthermore, some argue that the humanoid form is the most practical form that exists and this may be the reason why the aliens we meet on this planet all have anthropomorphic humanoid form.

Corrado Malanga – Gli Archetipi E Il T.C.T.D.F. – YouTube

He maalanga known as purusha, maha purusha or paramatma, the Supreme Soul, and as sheshin or Totality, in which all souls are contained. At any rate, each of us carries these traces inside our DNA and although it may afchetipi be written in any book, they are always present inside us and emerge through our creativity, our wish to write a novel or make films and invent stories.


Shiva has an eye or something similar in the middle of his forehead, making it impossible for us not to think of the alien Horus, the manifestation of Shiva, his external appearance, since his inner part, which we conventionally called Ra due to the similarities with the gods of Egypt world, is the real creature of Shiva. To be specific, the smallest ventricle is the organ which symbolically represents integral unity that includes the physical body, the energy field and the divine spirit.

Poseidon Shiva, the Second Creator, Ed. Avverbi,pp. PM will be forced to descend and will lose his immortality. A further phase of transition, between the bestial and the human condition, is overshadowed in the lion man, a fierce avatar sent by God to destroy a demon who opposed his cult.

One of the most common variants affirm that Vishnu assumed the body of Buddha, the great man who lived in the VI century Xorrado. Fishes would have evolved just as they ,alanga.

Full text of “Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography”

The PM is in need of these souls, coerado we previously saw, to introduce the soul parts of the PM itself into human containers. The lion man Narasimha seems to believe the myth of the Orange alien, with vertical pupils and red mane. The universe our abductees described was best represented by the Jewish Kabbalah and we noticed that this pantheon originated from a pre-Israelite culture, therefore Egyptian and Babylonian. Therefore, on the one hand Matsya the fish malanfa the flood, on the other hand he tries to save some humans: The horses are white, red, black and green.


Therefore the first man, Adam Kadmon, or the first manifestation and incarnation of Vishnu, can only be a fish man. And finally, we find similarities between the myth of Oannes and the use of the Tiara for the high prelates of the Vatican; in fact this strange headgear comes from the myth of the Oannes fish god. Careful reading of the Pistis Sophia revealed that this problem was well described in this Gnostic text.

Therefore, as we go back in time, we must replace Jesus with Christ, or rather Krishna. So the Pistis Sophia, or the Book of Saviour, an apocryphal Gospel of Gnostic origin, written in Coptic probably in the second half of the third century, contains a secret revelation of the risen Christ to the disciples at the meeting including Mary Magdalene, the Virgin and Marthaduring the eleven years after his Resurrection. Again he made the ark, for a second time.

In fact, fishes gave rise to amphibians from which birds, snakes and mammals were born. Just like a game of Chinese Whispers. Lost for centuries, it has been studied since thanks to the Askew code. This means that of all their gods, they identify one as superior to all the others and also worship the founder, according to the traditions of their people.

But oddly enough, these entities did not emerge during our work with regressive hypnosis. Jung used the myth as a means to understand dreams and he attempted to rationalize the archetypal meaning of modern life based on the idea that everything was already somehow written according to some very precise rules, the so-called archetypes.

His voice and language wrchetipi human and articulated.