I’ve always thought that Cugel the Clever (aka The Eyes of the Overworld) is the perfect Jack Vance novel. All of his strengths as a writer are on display here. Thus begins the saga of Cugel the not-so-Clever and the not-at-all-nice. We are given ample opportunities to dislike him. Similarly Cugel is. Cugel the Clever is one of the great archetypal figures in SF literature, the vain trickster in Jack Vance’s post-apocalyptic Dying Earth stories.

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Jack Vance Website – Essay on Cugel the Clever – by Alan Robson

Twitten’s Almanackpart of Vance’s Lyonesse mythos, describes a number of such otherworlds, of which only Tanjecterly will support human life: He seems damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.

There is cuggel more to the story, but it would disclose too much to discuss it.

The details on the archveults offered are c,ever, I guess, as well as the depiction of IOUN stones in action, but it still comes across as though Vance is phoning it in. Cugel manages to extirpate the alien, subdue the magician, and enjoy the easy life in the manse, until he tries to banish Iucounu and Fianosther who himself has come to pilfer from Cugel with the same spell that the magician had used on him.

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The scoundrel Cugel is a great character and one of my favorites in literature. An absurd, strangely moving, and always fascinating book. Twango’s basic reference work on Sadlark’s clevsr is Haruviot’s Intimate Anatomy of Several Overworld Personageswhich allows him to classify them as “ordinaries” or “specials”.


Cugel in his cleverness is, at best, not entirely clever but he does manage to survive his various challenges.

The dialogue is perhaps the most obvious feature of it. We have reviewed fantasy, science fiction and horror books, audiobooks, magazines, comics, and films. After satisfying your account, I will return and pay over to you whatever sums vugel be in excess.

He prodded it with his finger, and bright little flickers tne away from the point of contact. I found myself rooting for him far more than in the last book, but don’t worry: The Dying Earth 3.

Cugel’s Saga is a picaresque fantasy novel by American writer Jack Vancepublished by Timescape inthe third book in the Dying Earth seriesthe first volume of which appeared in Soon it will reach completion. View all 5 comments. Widdershins on Can-ConOttawa. Cugel’s Saga is currently available in a Kindle edition and apparently a trade paperback edition from Orb Books as part of the collection called Tales of the Dying Earth.

The novel is a fitting end to Cugel’s adventures, but I would not be surprised if Vance decides to bring him out of retirement for a farewell run in another decade or so – presuming Cugel doesn’t perish horribly in the final book of the ‘Dying Earth’ series.

But you have started well and I will teach you well.

Here, Cugel decides to return to Almery yhe, this time to take a definitive revenge on Iucounu. What saves Cugel is his absurdity, his wit, his instinct for self-preservation which so often backfires — no, actually none of those.

Cugel wants to leave the town of Gundar by joining a caravan but he can’t afford the fee even after acquiring money as a so called seer. In the earlier version of the text, Cugel is said to have “made a hasty departure” from a cuyel called Julle, where he suffered “indignities” at the hands of his enemies, but also managed to cause them “confusion. After reading Cuegl SagaI figure Vance knew he had a good character, and any revisiting would have marred his amazingly amoral creation.


Greed, Pride, Stupidity, Intolerance and Malice are not in short supply.

Cugel Saga

Far to the east a dim headland thrust into the water, as did another, equally remote, to the west. It is truly a classic fantasy masterpiece. So the most lucrative business in the village is that of the stonecutter who builds up the pillars from the ruins of previous cities.

He can be said to simultaneously have both the best and worst luck in all the Dying Ucgel.

What Cugel the not-so-Clever teaches us about character | Rati Mehrotra

Taking employment at Flutic, through sheer luck Cugel obtains the Pectoral Skybreak Spatterlight, the most valuable of all the scales, as it constitutes Sadlark’s central node of force, or “protonastic centrum”. Cudgel almost strikes again, but is outwitted by his arch-enemy Icconnu the laughing magician.

Sep 03, Mark Lawrence rated it it was amazing. Squalor and ugliness are perceived as exquisite beauty. As far as stories about godlike wizards at the end of time go Moorcock wipes the floor with Vance on more or less every measure with the core Dancers at the End of Time trilogy.