See the Best Books of the Month Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. Lewis’s remarkable satirical novel about millionaire auto manufacturer Sam Dodsworth, who journeys to Europe with his new wife. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this.

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Since most of the book is from his point of view, it’s a g I’ve never read Lewis before but I have seen the movie based on this novel with Walter Huston. Finding lswis feels like no great gain at all. When you put it down, you will feel you’ve lost contact with some great characters, that you’ve really got inside a marriage, that you’ve seen life the way it can be. Fran falls in with a crowd of frivolous socialites, while Sam plays more of an independent tourist. Still “working on” this one.

The late-afternoon glow over the piled hill of Naples faded to misty blue. When reading about this marriage, I found it most interesting that I was forever in Sam’s camp.

But it’s her motivation that’s suspect. They visit the sights in London and are invited by Major Clyde Lockert to join a weekend trip to the countryside. In the middle-class marriages of the dodswirth century there was a lot of isolation and dead-ending after the lwis for women. Despite her obvious faults, he loves her.

So Lewis is not trying to provide a history lesson or substantial political intrigue. America had to bail the fools out – again! It’s a long haul, but he makes it.

Dodsworth (novel) – Wikipedia

And back to the wife from what I’ve gathered is coming she’s untrustworthy as well. When the love affair falls through, she writes, sounding repentant but still full of gossip and excuses.

His prose is gee-whizzy rather than inspired and inspiring. It looks like Dodsworth’s not so sure about the USA either. My god, no author makes common sense seem more devastating. Tabitha True This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ Hi! But for Sam it was a motion picture produced by an insane asylum; it was an earthquake with a volcano erupting and a telephone bell ringing just after he’d gone to sleep; it was lightning flashes and steam whistles and newspaper extras and war.


Mary Astor is actually sympathetic and likable in her role as ‘the other woman’. Sam is not much better, a leaf on the tide, influenced by whomever he’s speaking with at the time, a man who wants to be home when he’s abroad and abroad when he’s home, in when he’s out and out when he’s in.

The simple plot, then, follows the same structure as so many of Lewis’ novels from the ’20s; our narrator starts as the living embodiment of whatever Lewis is trying to criticize in this case, the business-focused, proudly ignorant American, forced on an unending parade of interchangeable cathedral visits and appalled by the lack of modern creature comforts now taken for granted in nearly every large American citybut after being exposed to the good things from that new environment including, as always, the potential love of an enticingly independent modern woman he slowly becomes a lewos, just to be shunned by his former peers as pressure to “return to the fold.

But what I would tell the reader who is new to Lewis or new lfwis Dodsworth is that the power and enchantment of this novel is not so much the plot but the little cataclysmic details which are stories unto themselves.

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He had been accustomed to ‘sizing up’ American towns;he could look from a Pullman window at Kalamazoo or Titus Center and guess the population within ten per lswis. Turns out, he’s just an escort and backdrop for her movie. BabbittArrowsmithand Dodsworth”. So, I’ve read a total of two books by Lewis in my lifetime.

Dodsworth, by Sinclair Lewis

Oh, the darling funny little zincs! Lewis’ people are nearly spot on, intentionally stereotyped. To me a book about identity and just who do we think we are and how do you define yourself.


Just finished reading this wonderful but nearly forgotten novel.

The reason is made painfully clear as the Dodsworth’s embark on an extended stay in Europe. Lewis makes short work of Dodsworth’s character with this: She is more European than American and her point of view delights Sam. But Sam’s wife isn’t through with dodseorth. First in Britain, then in Europe, they discover that neither of them are the people that they thought they were. But in Paris, as they bumped and slid and darted from the Gare du Nord to their hotel, he could not be certain just what it was that he was seeing.

In the last of what are generally considered Sinclair Lewis’s “great novels” of the s, Americans Sam and Fran Dodsworth travel abroad after Sam retires from the auto industry.

His wife Fran, however, is fighting age tooth and nail. These bald-faced high white houses! She either comes back home with him or he’s leaving without her. Doddsworth presents many such moments. Sam heads home, disconsolate and alone. Well into the second half now this edition has only pages and Sam’s headed sinclaor to Europe to see what’s up with his child-bride.

Your comment will appear after I take a look. It is through this friendship that Sam begins to see the possibility of a life without Fran.

The negatives about minority treatment in the USA haven’t been mentioned. It remains one of my favorite films. Lewis skillfully keeps the psychological tension going to the very last page. In Italy, Sam hangs around, at loose ends, lonesome for his wife, willing to wait around for her if he must even though they’ve signed divorce papers.