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Nov 24, This refers to a lipos maximum discharge rating, and is a multiple of its capacity. Images View all Images in thread. And by handling, I mean accelerating from a stand still, turning through corners at speed,and landing from jumps etc.

Emaxx Radio Control & Control Line | eBay

Best solution is to upgrade the slipper- there are a few options out there such as the Robinson Racing double disc slipper, or the extremely rare Strobe sprong. For general use the stock chevron design tire is fine, though there are much better choices for onroad and offroad use, depending on the specific surface hard dirt, loose soil, grass, tarmac etc. Radio System If your truck as been in storage for a long time then chances are it 3960 has the original 27mhz AM radio, or if it was bought used maaxx it may have no radio at all.

This had the upgraded motor and large batteries.

The E-Maxx Model version. I built it from a kit.

Besides the idler gears, another common point of failure is the small roll-pin which holds the metal input gears onto the input shaft same shaft as the spur gear mounts to the end of outside the tranny case.

Upper A-arm’s length is adjustable, allow serious racers like you to fine tune camber. The shocktowers are known to snap in these upside-down-truck situations, and the quick fix is to use some zip-ties to hold the broken halves together. Apr 19, This is due to something known as ‘ripple current’, whereby the voltage from the batteries fluctuates rapidly and drops as the current output increases beyond what it can provide due to high Internal Resistance IR.


The end result is the same though- cells with a lower voltage get a longer charge, whilst cells with a higher voltage get drained a little to keep them in line with the others. May not match other anod Very little plastic on this truck. One solution is to use tire foams, and another is to belt the inside of the tire with thick duct tape turn the tire inside out and run a couple of strips of tape around the tire, being careful not to overlap the edges which would cause imbalance.

Topspeed is around mph with 2x2s lipos, or mph with 2x3s lipos and careful gearing, though it is important to keep a close eye on motor, esc and battery temps.

To get the best performance from a V-twin it is vital to use good batteries, this generally means a pair of 2s 7. Truck has quite a few upgrades that I see. As a general rule this is normal behaviour, though it is possible to get maxxx results depending on the esc and motors used- some motors run hot regardless, and some escs are less capable than others to deal with high current draw. Also for use on Pro.

Traxxas E-Maxx Radio Controlled Truck | eBay

Try to avoid bulkheads that have been hollowed out alot, as this weakens them. Truck has quite a few 33906 that I see. Simple solution is to maxd the slipper fully, though this does add more stress to the driveline resulting in broken driveshafts and diffs.

V-twin Build Guide Ensure the mesh is set correctly between the spur and both pinions- use a piece of paper between the spur and pinion as you mesh them together, to prevent them binding too tightly.

They are very robustly built with tight machining tolerances, coming sold as pairs including the high quality Tony’s Screws for assembly.

As such, these motors are an ideal option for bashers who don’t need maximum performance but are on a tighter budget. There are many different shocks available, but I will just cover the main, most popular ones: Ideal for RC racing enthusiast, the Traxxas E-Maxx is a four-wheel drive monster truck that can be driven on rough surfaces. The two speed transmission in the Traxxas E-Maxx ensures quick acceleration and high speed.


Numerous aftermarket companies sell r upgrades, though they tend to use the smaller bearings still. Differentials Stock differential Shimming guide The fundamental weakness in the design is that the diffs only use 4 spider gears the small gears inside the diff cup, within the diff case itselfand a plastic cup and case. These will also fit the older. Flexible driveshaft length 23mm.

Traxxas E-Maxx 3906 Radio Controlled Truck

They’ll last you 10 mins if you’re lucky. Compatible with E-maxxNOT Ofcourse, there are also numerous aluminium options too, it is a matter of personal taste as to which route maxs take, though RPM arms are very robust and ideal for people who are hard on their trucks. Besides some simple rewiring that may be required KershawDesigns. I would trade, locally, for electric 390 or multirotor only. New the EMAxx is kinda pricy. This ofcourse will require a special series harness for 2 batteries to be used on one of the esc’s battery connectors, and some form of mount for the extra battery to fix it across the rear of the chassis; hence why lipo or A batteries will be the best choice to get the most performance from your emaxx.

Once a battery puffs, its pretty much toast, though individual cells that are still okay can be salvaged- a 5s lipo can be reconfigured into a smaller pack of 4s etc.