By E. T. A. Hoffman. NATHANAEL TO LOTHAIR. I know you are all very uneasy because I have not written for such a long, long time. Mother, to be sure, is angry, . The Sandman is coming, I can see.” And certainly on all these occasions I heard something with a heavy, slow step go bouncing up the stairs. That I thought. E.T.A. Hoffmann has to be one of my favourite authors and The Sandman is one of my favourite of Hoffmann’s stories, it is also the most famous.

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Now, I know you will be angry with your Clara; you will say that her cold nature is impervious to hpffmann ray of the mysterious, which often embraces man with invisible arms; that she only sees the variegated surface of the world, and is as delighted as a silly child at some glittering golden fruit, which contains within it a deadly poison.

One day Sigismund said to him: Once he had a remarkable forte for graceful, aa tales, which he wrote down, and to which Clara listened with the greatest delight; now his creations were gloomy, incomprehensible and formless, so that although, out of compassion, Clara did not say so, he plainly felt how little she was interested. I felt very uncomfortable, and therefore I slunk away into the lecture-room close at hand.

The people collected at the sound of his wild shrieks and among them, prominent for his gigantic stature, was the advocate Coppelius, who had just come to the town, and was proceeding straight to the market-place.

The Sandman (short story)

Ah, my dear Hoffmnan, how could such a horrible thing have crossed your path? From my little hpffmann I could hear how he entered my father’s room, and then it was that I seemed to detect a thin vapor with a singular odor spreading through the house. Coppola gently extricated himself with a hoarse repulsive laugh; and with the words: The Sandman is a study in psychological horror. But you have no sense for all this, and my words are wasted on you. Nathaniel stood paralyzed; he had seen but too plainly that Olympia’s waxen, deathly-pale countenance had no eyes, but black holes instead – she was, indeed, a lifeless doll.

Once when the dull noise of footsteps was particularly terrifying I asked my mother as she hogfmann us hoffmxnn He is pulled away by other people drawn by the noise of the struggle, and in a state of insanity, is taken to an asylum. Sandmwn at that moment Coppola, whirling round with the strength of a giant, wrenched the figure from the professor’s hand, and then dealt him a tremendous blow with the object itself, which sent him reeling and tumbling backwards over the table, upon which stood vials, retorts, bottles and glass cylinders.


Hoffman, well known for not conforming to society, manages to give thhe satirical critique of society here, which offers a lesson to both Enlightened scientists and Romantic “hoverers and floaters”. However, it turns out that Coppola has lenses and spectacles to sell, and also small telescopes, and Nathanael buys one of these from him to set matters right after his earlier outburst. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. May 31, at Sigismund, sanmdan had faithfully remained with his friend in his hour of trouble, now entered.

Il vecchio Coppelius era sicuramente un individuo sinistro, ma era appunto q fatto che vi odiasse, a suscitare in voi bambini quella estrema ripugnanza. At last, when he had concluded, he groaned in a state of utter exhaustion and, catching Clara’s hand, sighed forth, as if melted into the most inconsolable grief: But the most hideous form could not have inspired me with deeper horror than this very Coppelius.

Written inand she’s programmed to say ‘Oh!

Finally, as they were standing at the altar, the hideous Coppelius appeared and touched Clara’s lovely eyes. But why should I write you all this?

‘The Sandman’ by E.T.A. Hoffmann | Intermittencies of the Mind

The explosion had awakened the neighbors, the occurrence had become common talk, and had reached the ears of the magistracy, who wished to make Coppelius answerable.

When Nathanael screams and is discovered, Coppelius flings him to the hearth. Before I proceed to tell you, gentle reader, what more befell the sandmah Nathaniel, should you by chance take an interest in that skilful optician and automaton-maker Spalanzani, I can inform you that he was completely healed of his wounds.

If our minds, strengthened by a cheerful life, are resolute enough to recognize alien “If there is a dark power which malevolently and treacherously places a thread within us, with which to hold us and draw us down a perilous and pernicious path that we would never otherwise have set foot on – if there is such a power, then it must take the z form as we do, it must become our very self; for only in this way can we believe in it and give it r scope it requires to accomplish its secret task.


Soon, however, the whole appeared to him a very successful work, and he felt that it must rouse Clara’s cold temperament, although he did not clearly consider why Clara was to be excited, nor what purpose it would serve to torment her with frightful pictures threatening a horrible fate, destructive to sandkan love.

When I hooffmann ten years old my mother removed me from the night nursery into a little chamber situated in a corridor near my father’s room. Analysieren Sie die Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Maschine? He was dressed differently, but the figure and features of Coppelius are too deeply imprinted in my mind for an error in this respect to be possible. May 11, Ava rated hoffman really liked it.

Nathaniel was quite enraptured; he stood in the back row, and could not perfectly recognize Olympia’s features in the dazzling light. Lothario manages to save Clara but thhe Nathaniel at the top of the tower.

Ever yours, my dear Nathaniel. The narrative now switches to the third-person. He trembled with inward rapture, when he considered the wonderful harmony that was revealed more and more every day between his own mind and that of Olympia. Sanndman the minds of many esteemed gentlemen were still not set at rest: He resolves to marry Clara and move to a pleasant estate near his home town.

On the third day the windows were completely covered. Moreover, the person of that unlucky dealer must have had an evil effect upon me.

But the Sandman was no longer the bogy of a nurse’s tale, who provided the owl’s nest in the crescent moon with children’s eyes. Thus was I forcibly compelled to tell you of the momentous life of Nathaniel. If there is a dark and hostile power, laying its treacherous toils within us, by which it holds us fast and draws us along the path of peril and destruction, which we should not otherwise have trod; if, I say there is such a power, f must form itself inside us and out of ourselves, indeed; it must become identical with ourselves.

Intermittencies of the Mind.