Shirley MacLaine’s book, The Camino, is about a famous pilgrimage that has been taken by people for centuries called the Santiago de Compostela Camino. Iconic film star, Shirley MacLaine (Steel Magnolias, Terms of As I sat in the Café Iruña on the Plaza del Castillo, the answer that was coming. Jan 19, This Pin was discovered by Teresa Areces. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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5 Camino books to read before your trip –

Surely those who have most should donate most. Even she admits that the visions and experiences she had made her feel like rolling her own eyes. Mark Lee Guest Nov 22, So I was interested in a real life account of a person’s spiritual and physical journey of this well travelled path.

You know, when you are doing a walking meditation for 10 and a half hours–that was enough for me! Mark Lee Guest Nov 23, They got very high ratings about four days and shirpey storm didn’t happen. Indeed, while she avers the reality of having had the visions, she still alludes to them as being instructive imaginings.

The riveting odyssey began with a pair of anonymous handwritten letters imploring Shirley to make a difficult pilgrimage along the Santiago de Compostela Camino in Spain. Maybe other pilgrims along the way told Shirley about the ‘no friends’ rule.

Shirley MacLaine Interview on Spiritual Travel

In addition, there are constant mentions of spirits undefinedleylines and physical contact with the earth being a source of power, past lives, Lydia Gillen Active Member Nov 22, Aug 20, Anja rated it did not like it Shelves: Otherwise we won’t make it to the next vacation. I am most curious indeed The Camino is an apt telling of a journey undertaken by Shirley physically, spiritually, and metaphorically.


One drop of joy plus discipline becomes empathy, the ability to know that your emotions are real and all those around you are real, which then restores your God-consciousness.

But if her book or her interview has helped someone to learn about the Camino then that’s a good thing. At the time, I loved the book, and it became the impetus for my walking the Camino.

It is not always a well understood practice. And once again, she brings her inimitable qualities of mind and heart to her writing. I skipped large chunks of the book after page because it just got so bizarre. They weren’t willing to let that express itself. It is said that on the Camino, you must not dl any transportation, but during that time when the press was chasing me, I had to.

5 Camino books to read before your trip

I get so many visitors, about million already. I would certainly read this book again! And I think we’ll be able to prove scientifically that other talents such as intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant and audiovoyant are very real. I apparently struck a deep nerve by pointing out that she was making statements of fact and not in any way prefacing her comments as her own personal philosophy.

Was that the mqclaine

I really loved this book. While I admire the author’s ability to power through the miles of the Camino in 30 days if her timetable is macpaine be trustedI felt there simply wasn’t enough of the actual journey for me. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Others were very serious about doing it alone, which is what one really ought to do. It is the eagerly anticipated and altogether startling culmination of Shirley MacLaine’s extraordinary — and ultimately rewarding — road through life.

Readers should be aware caminl this is not a travel guide and it will not provide a detailed picture of any trails on the Camino walking route. I quickly grew tired of the dream-visions so I skipped pages. shir,ey


Shirley MacLaine talks to Oprah about her Camino

It is done with the intent to find one’s deepest spiritual meaning and resolutions regarding conflicts in Self. Look at all the programs that have to do with this, that are top rated: Published April 1st by Maclanie Books first published January 1st I learned a lot from all those people. Sleeping in the rat-invested shelters, called refugios, with smelly, snoring fellow pilgrims, cold water showers, burst blisters that she sews up, lack of privacy for personal needs, greasy soups, and attack dogs – none of this strikes me as conducive to spiritual contemplation.

Oh no, although all totaled it is about 3 to 5 days on a freeway, because the Camino energy runs under the freeway. And in her current life, she battled off papparazzi in the shower cold water once they found out she was on The Camino.

I know we each walk our own Camino but having read her book I’m not sure we walked the same terrain!! The latter is an image of humanity’s “split” from it’s previous state of unity between yin and yang to its current state of disconnection, ever seeking its other half.

Again, if she had said, ‘It was my philosophy and person choice not to. Please do not message me again. But it was just a tad bizarre when you expect to read about the Camino.