Are you looking for Elkay EZSTL8LC Dual Drinking Fountain? Learn about Elkay drinking fountains and find exactly what you need. Are you looking for Elkay EZSTL8LC and EZSTLR8LC Breakdown? Learn about Elkay drinking fountains and find exactly what you need. The Elkay EZSTL8LC Water Cooler is a self-contained, wall hung electric refrigerated unit. Chilling capacity of 50°F drinking water, based upon 80°F inlet water.

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Elkay EZSTL8LC : Use and Care Manual

Cooler has worked with no issues for about 12 years. Innovative design utilizes an infused anti-microbial pliable polyester elastomer to prevent accidental mouth injuries.

Some plumbing fixtures in this store may contain lead. Lead is harmful to humans, especially young children.

Requires no adjustment other than for altitude requirements. Impact Resistant Vinyl Coating offers superior durability and performance.

Any damage caused by reason of connecting this product to supply line pressures lower than 20 psi or higher than psi is not covered by the warranty. Common Parts Parts Breakdowns Troubleshooting.

Elkay Pressure-Type Water Coolers are designed to operate on 20 psi to psi supply line pressure. It does not apply to products which, on examination by the Manufacturer, or its agent, are eastl8lc to have been subjected to accident, alteration, abuse, misuse, misapplications, corrosive type atmospheres, or abnormal use.


Elkay Water Coolers are manufactured with a waterway system utilizing copper components and completely lead-free materials. Categories Account Search Cart. However, than can be adjusted to be colder than that by adjusting the cold control thermostat. These waterways have no lead because eklay lead materials, such as leaded brass, have been removed.

Bi-Level Design offers the flexibility of a second unit at standard height.

Elkay EZSTL8LC Dual Drinking Fountain |

Identify the part s you need in the image. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Add item to cart -or- 4. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Easy-touch elkaj are used for simple operation and increased durability.

Easy-To-Install Universal Design adapts easily to existing plumbing systems.

Elkay EZSTL8LC and EZSTLR8LC Breakdown

Stainless Steel lower shrouds available at extra cost. Keyed in location to prevent rotation. In the case of products located within the United States or Canada, the owner also has the obligation and responsibility to return the complete unit to the closest authorized service center or to the factory repair department.


All joints are brazed using silver solder only. Elkay C Solenoid Kit cap, screen, and o-ring Item: Tank is stainless steel.

Yes, you are able to get just esztl8lc right side only. Elkaj Deep Basin minimizes splashing and its one-piece construction, with integrated drain, is vandal-resistant and easy to maintain.

Elkay C Condenser Discontinued Item: Posted by Kully Supply on Monday, November 4, This model cooler consists of a refrigerated lower unit which requires a water supply, drain outlet and electrical supply.

The water system and regulating valve are not covered by this Limited Warranty if they become inoperative due to liming, sand or similar residue.

Call or Text In the case of products located outside the United States or Canada, the owner is to return any part for which replacement is sought to the closest authorized service center or to the factory repair department.