magic tricks forum – Switchcraft The Billet Work of Elliott J. Bresler page e- book, $ Available from: Hate to peek? Can’t peek? Want an. Elliott J. Bresler – Switchcraft – Hello friend, Your order is a digital download magic product,send via email. Please leave your email after. Switchcraft by Elliott J. Bresler Review. There is no shortage of praise for or suggestions to buy Swithcraft. That plus all the extras put this on my.

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Believe me; if I can do them, you can too. Thank you again, Elliott PS. All that matters is that you present a show that the audience feels is genuine.

Clip Switch The E. The main book without all the supplements do not contain many tricks or routines, rather applications for these techniques and where you can find these routines.

Products Description Products Description Hello friend, Your order is a digital download magic product,send via email. No one should hesitate to buy Switchcraft, ever. Are there favourite effects for you personally in there?

There is no shortage of praise for or suggestions to buy Swithcraft. Thanks again, Elliott Switchcdaft.

For the record, the Switchcraft switchcragt available on my Switchcraft site now includes: Thankfully, after much hard work, I finally succeeded in meeting my goals. I cannot believe you continue to send new material every so often. The Ellusionist Forums are no longer active.

Exclusive Forum The Back Room: So please forgive me. It is THE definitive work on billets and an absolute must have for anyone interested in billet work. You May Also Like.

Elliott J. Bresler – Switchcraft

Of course, as examples, I also teach a lot of switchcraaft own strong material. There is a lot of great work inside. Thank you for your kind words about my less than kind words. We rely on reputation and customer satisfaction for the ratings on alibaba, which is the reason why feedback is extremely important swicthcraft us. Thank you for making this work available to the community. Com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.


And I say that because I want you to know that my opinion hasn’t been tainted or influenced in any way, and that’s important given what Bresle am about to say.

The continuous supplements make purchasing this brrsler a ‘no-brainer’ and both Switchcraft and Elliott’s efforts will go down in mentalism history. Products Description Hello friend, Your order is a digital download magic product,send via email. If they rlliott you a billet folded in quarters, and suddenly you’re holding one folded in skinny in sixths, I bet they’ll notice, especially if you give it back to them But I still have not seen anything that makes me want to replace the peek I use with a switch.

The moves require practice, of course, but they’re clearly explained and not daunting to master. While Corinda will give you some basics it can get confusing because of all the variations in billet type and styles. Every effect and technique is explained in complete detail.

Along with this, The Centre Tear and related techniques will also fall under this chapter. Newer Post Older Post Home. But you don’t need to thank me.

I’m starting my journey in mentalism with some great material by Ted Annemann, and I’m super excited. I do a lot of effects with business cards and I seem to remember that Elliot mentioned that he has included some great effects using business cards in switchcraft.


Refold and Ultimate E. The service Elliott provides is also second to none. The bargain of the decade, to be sure. Prefolding the slips is the most common method, nothing is ever thought of it. But I’m glad to see it’s still available. I do worry that this and my review of the supplements which I have mostly written just gotta give it a good polish sound too harsh. It includes a center tear, five billet switches, two billet presentations, and lots of great tips and ideas. But, we all always hear and read that these routines have always been the back-bone, the foundation of real mentalism.

Magnus Asbjorn February 5, at 7: Other Product from Magic Props. The sample effect for this section is aimed at children, I can’t say I’ve seen many children’s mentalists. I’m very glad I bought this. Do I remember correctly? My book finally showed up on a second board. Elliott went the extra mile with his e-book; Clear, detailed instructions and photos covering everything from easy to advanced moves, theory, and routines.

The Magic Cafe Forums – SWITCHCRAFT by Elliot Bresler

While we’re on the topic, I have another question: Sometimes you need a switch and sometimes you need a peek. First is that it requires two hands and the passing the billet back and forth twice which means you have to find motivations for all that. You can ignore the first eighteen, as the last email has the most recent document.