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Supersedes CLC/TR English version. Railway applications –. The specification and demonstration of. Reliability, Availability. BS PD CLC/TR Railway applications – The specification and demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) – Part 3. Buy CLC/TR Railway Applications – The Specification And Demonstration Of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability And Safety (rams) – Part 3.

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Software for railway control and protection systems.

Table 2 — Example of header for a form representing a breakdown structure Subject Details Rolling stock ID code or definition of rolling stock Doc. The Customer should document his process for choosing RAM figures stating the consideration given to address each figure chosen. One way to consider maintenance cost is to require maximum allowed values within an agreed period of time. Communication, signalling and processing systems. Evaluation of removability of an 50126- should also take into account the possible need for removing parts of the rolling stock structure e.

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This breakdown is sometimes called the logistic breakdown structure. The connections existing between the unit and the structure and between the unit and other interconnected units should be accessible, able to be disconnected and een and not subject to corrosion or rust in relation to the environment in which they are located.

MTBF in Ej, failure rate per million hours, or failure rate per million kilometres. The aim of this section is to provide simple guide line to help Customers choose appropriate figures for RAM requirements. In designing equipment every opportunity should be applied to increase the modularity of the object so as to reduce intervention time, the specialisation of the personnel required and the stocks to be kept on hand. Compatibility between rolling stock and train detection systems.

Table 12 — Maintenance Cost Requirements Dimension Definition Proposed Symbol Training of maintenance personnel Money T mp Travel costs sustained for reaching the maintenance sites Money T cm Spare parts acquisition, provision and storage Money SPa-p-s Preventive scheduled maintenance actions including cost for spare parts, for software and for personnel employed Money PMc Corrective maintenance actions including cost for spare parts, for software and for personnel employed Money CMc Other Maintenance Cost Requirements can be the cost of Preventive or 501263- Maintenance or the sum of the two where the Customer can use the cost per Kilometre or per Kilometres or other significant basis i.


Union and other countries. All the consideration should be addressed to identify possible situations, failures, errors, or events likely to have an adverse effect on safety, in terms of injury or death of humans, i. Define the assessment tasks at the boundary between.

Hazards are intentionally repeated in the list, under different categories, to highlight and draw attention to them. In this case only one choice can be considered: It is therefore advisable, to identify all the entities that can be a part of this relationship and to examine how the responsibilities of dealing with these entities are shared between the customer and supplier relationship. Thirdly, this research provides the method that develops RAMS The 5026-3 of reliability acceptance criteria should also specify the conditions under which a failure is classified as “chargeable” i.

Consecutive number used to identify each maintenance task Maintenance Task Description of the preventive maintenance task Spare Parts 51026-3 special tools Description of the special equipment 51026-3 provided by the depot or workshop and in any case not easily available on the market and materials necessary consumables and spares Frequency Frequency of the maintenance task time or Km Maintenance level Codes of the maintenance levels used by the maintainer Personnel Number of persons necessary at the same time for the maintenance task described Skill Level Code of the Skill level requested for the personnel to carry out the maintenance task Spare Parts Cost Unit cost of materials expressed in EURO Man hours Time required for the maintenance task multiplied by the number of persons necessary Standstill time Standstill time for the rolling stock during the maintenance task Total Qty Total no.


Test yourself or your business online. It defines a comprehensive set of tasks for the different phases of a generic life cycle for a total rail system. Any failure occurring on Rolling stock and leading, at least, to one of the following conditions: A list of tools suitable for use to perform the different analyses and to manage all RAM activities is given in Annex B5 of EN This task is a specific management task implemented all along the design process from preliminary analysis to service operation.


Estimation of these costs is typically a commercial or marketing matter and then the derivation of costs related to unavailability could not have any relationship with the elements contained in 5. Destruel Date of publication: Interchangeability It should be possible to remove an item and install another one in its place without affecting any equipment characteristics.

Dynabrade Product – 3″ (76 mm) Dia. Disc Pad, Hook ‘N Loop

During this phase, functions should be classified using the Failure Categories defined by the Main Supplier and adapted for the specific requirements of the Rn. Also, in rolling stock contracts, there is now a greater emphasis on the impact on end customers of service failures and on the economic and risk considerations of RAMS i.

Purchase More information add to basket. The final scope of this review is to: Code s Theme s All 550126-3 points of the equipment and interfacing points between it and its infrastructures e.

A list of organizations represented on this subcommittee can be 5012-63 on request to its secretary. This documentation is useful to enable the Customer to compare the different offers on the same basis. Detailed analyses This task aims to perform detailed analyses highlighted during the preliminary analyses.

Railway Customers and Operators require railway products that are reliable, safe and can be easily maintained over their useful lives. If technical modifications are necessary, the Supplier should precisely quantify the consequences of modified e e.