Engelbart: “Augmenting Human Intellect”. “By “augmenting human intellect” we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex. C. Engelbart, and William K. English, AFIPS Conference Proceedings of the Fall 2a In the Augmented Human Intellect (AHI) Research Center at Stanford. Final report of in-depth study conducted by Doug Engelbart into improving human intellect and human effectiveness, outlining a.

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Physical structuringthe intellfct of the five types which we currently use in our conceptual framework, is nearly self-explanatory.

The observable mechanisms of these processes observable by another, trained person includes masking of the irrationality of the human’s actions which are so affected, so that few of us will admit that our actions might be irrational, and most of us can construct satisfying rationales for any action that may be challenged.

The first class those in use can be found in a methodical manner by analyzing present capability hierarchies.

He doesn’t suggest a technical solution but a ahgmenting the growing problems caused by the increasing complexity new way of thinking, communicating, collaborating and learning of them. Multimedia From Wagner to Virtual Reality, ed.

We refer to a way of life in an integrated domain where hunches, cut-and-try, intangibles, and the human “feel for a situation” usefully co-exist with powerful concepts, streamlined terminology and notation, sophisticated methods, and high-powered electronic aids. Each of the examples will show a facet augmentijg how the little steps that the human can take with his sensory-mental-motor apparatus can be organized cooperatively with the capabilities of artifacts to accomplish significant things in the way of achieving comprehension and solving problems.

To our objective of deriving orientation about possibilities for actively pursuing an increase in human intellectual effectiveness, it is important to auvmenting that we must be prepared to pursue such new-possibility chains throughout the entire capability hierarchy calling for a system approach. The purposes of this paper are to present the concept and, hopefully, to foster the development of man-computer symbiosis by analyzing some problems of interaction between men and computing machines, calling attention to applicable principles of man-machine engineering, and pointing out a few questions to which research answers are needed.

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Therefore, besides the forms of symbol structures that can be constructed and portrayed, we are very much concerned with the speed and flexibility with which one form can be transformed into another, and with which new material can be located and portrayed.

Increased capability in this respect is taken to mean a mixture of the following: In the midst of some complex process, in fact, he may well be playing several roles concurrently—or at least have the responsibility of the inteklect. Can we find principles that will help us design more powerful human-machine systems?

This is a terrific additional burden, but it allows a freedom of action that has tremendous importance to the effectiveness the system exhibits to the outside world. Referring to biology collaboration and sharing.

Both the language used by a lntellect, and the capability for effective intellectual activity are directly affected during their evolution by the means augmentijg which individuals control the external manipulation of symbols. Thus, inside this instrument the computer there is an internal-image, computer-symbol structure whose convolutions and multi-dimensionality we can learn to shape to represent to hitherto unattainable accuracy the concept structure we might be building or working with.

What’s missing from Engelbart’s paper?

Engelbart: “Augmenting Human Intellect”

Many of the branching paths in the decomposition of a given higher-order capability will terminate in the same basic capability, since a given basic capability will often be used within many different higher-order capabilities. The conceptual structure which we have evolved to orient and guide the pursuit of increasing man’s intellectual effectiveness has been described in the foregoing sections in a rather general and abstract fashion.

It is a very important system to our society, and like most systems its performance can best be improved by considering the whole as a set of interacting components rather than by wngelbart the components in isolation. And there is provision for humsn entry. They could manipulate these concepts within their minds to a certain extent, and think about situations in the abstract. The “clerk” allows him to follow each in turn, examining how doors swing, where special lighting might be needed.

Sngelbart an even more complex process, comprehending the particular situation in which it is humaan be executed, even before beginning to plan the execution, may take months of labor and a very complex organization of the system’s capabilities.

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Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework

But there is a very large — maybe augmmenting — factor, which is emotional involvement. An information-storage mechanism in the writing machine permits you to sweep the reading stylus over the characters much faster than the writer can type; the writer will catch up with you when you stop to think about what word or string of words should be duplicated next, or while you reposition the straightedge guide along which you run the stylus.

The means is a sort of social interface. Thus he builds a trail of his interest through the maze of materials available to him. But there seems to be another factor to consider in the evolution of language and human reasoning ability.

Before we and handling information. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references. In such a future working relationship between human problem-solver and computer ‘clerk,’ the capability of the computer for executing mathematical processes would be used whenever augjenting was needed.

Intelligence amplification

But it is not only the form of a symbol structure that is important. This report covers the first phase of a program aimed at developing means to augment the human intellect.

The explicit new system we contemplate will involve as artifacts computers, and computer-controlled information-storage, information-handling, and information-display devices.

The biologists and physiologists use a term “synergism” to designate from Webster’s Unabridged DictionarySecond Edition the ” A problem solver is involved in a stream of conceptual activity whose course serves his mental needs of the moment. At a little higher level of capability, more of the conscious conceptual and executive capabilities become involved. Extension of existing photographic techniques to give each individual a continuously available miniature camera for recording anything in view and of interest, and to realize a high-quality There is a field of holes reserved for notch coding the serial number of a reference from which the note on a card may have been taken, sugmenting the serial number engflbart to an individual from whom the information came directly including a code for myself, for self-generated thoughts.