By Erle Montaigue October 19, The Following was my first attempt at educating the general martial arts public as to Dim Mak. before this, I would only ever. The touch of death (or Death-point striking) refers to any martial arts technique reputed to kill using seemingly less than lethal force targeted at specific areas of the body. The concept known as dim mak (simplified Chinese: 点脉; traditional According to Montaigue’s own account, dim mak is an aspect of traditional old Yang. Dim-Mak has 29 ratings and 1 review. Revealed in this book for the first time are the long-held secrets of dim-mak: a system of deadly strikes to vital a.

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According to Montaigue’s own account, dim mak is an aspect of traditional old Yang style taji quan which he claims he began learning in from a master called Chiang Yiu-chun who died in the month of May.

It’s extraordinarily dangerous to practice some of these techniques because if you do happen to get them right and you don’t have the knowledge of how to correct it, for example there’s this point on the forearm where you montaihue easily make someone fall down” Erle asks: Dim Mak Death Touch “Yea, the points on the forearm, wrist and elbow are very useful because often fights can be stopped before they start ma, by immobilising the attacker.

About Dim Mak “Are there any other points that aren’t actually associated with acupuncture”. Likewise, the villain Tai Lung and the mentor Oogway both use a nerve-strike attack to paralyze the opponent. About Dim Mak “Chris, most people’s knowledge of dim mak is that one is able to just walk up to someone and montaiigue them on a certain point with one finger to render that person mlntaigue or dead a few days later etc. Essentially, the human body couldn’t have been built to be that frail because we keep on bashing ourselves on points each day and there are all sorts of mechanisms within our body that keep re-balancing and re-harmonising.

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David Leyva rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Dillman eventually went as far as claiming ele have developed qi -based attacks that work without physical contact “no-touch knockout” techniquesa claim that did not stand up to third-party investigation and was consequently denounced as fraudulent.

It’s a whole lot more complicated than that isn’t it”.


Erle Montaigue: Dim-mak – Death point striking

The concept known as vibrating palm originates with the Chinese martial arts Neijing “internal” energy techniques that deal with the qi energy and the type of force jin used. Yes they are all acupuncture points but some require an extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine” Erle asks: Anyone with sufficient acupuncture montaiguf could figure egle which were the death points but then they need on top of that the martial arts training to know the correct techniques and to gain the necessary power and accuracy to use.

About Dim Mak “What is that point? About Dim Mak “If, for instance there is a point on the chest and monttaigue you struck it with the whole fist area, would that have the same effect as an accurate point shot?

Dim Mak Death Touch

It’s a special point that works on the lungs and the pericardium and the heart. Dim Mak Death Touch “Yes, this one is the small intestine meridian in this case and that runs down the forearm” Erle asks: Montalguean article in Black Belt magazine speculated that the death of Bruce Lee in might have been caused by “a delayed reaction to a Dim-Mak strike he received several weeks prior to his collapse”. Dim Mak Death Touch “You still have to use power at any time or point.

Tales of its use are often found in the Wuxia genre of Chinese martial arts fiction.

Because I have visions of martial artists hammering away at each others forearms breaking bones because they are unable to find the correct points” Chris answers: Being one who has experienced such phenomenon as the dim mak death touch I feel I am justified in writing this article, I have had my left arm immobilised montigue a finger strike to a small intestine acupuncture point between my shoulder eroe and only acupuncture treatment and tui an Chinese massage could bring my numb arm back.

The “delayed action” of dim mak is depicted in Executioners of Shaolinwhere a “step Soul Catching” move allows the victim to take a certain number of steps before dying.

Yes they are all acupuncture points but some require an extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine”. More so on the meridians that are on the peripherals like the arms etc. On the one side we have the complete sceptic who says that there is absolutely nothing to the age old argument while the other side argues that old masters were capable of killing an opponent from a distance! Ahmad Midhat rated it it was ok Feb 15, Perhaps using little pressure but you know the point is working because it really hurts?


That’s why precision of technique is what the internal martial arts concentrates on developing. You could say that for example the Qi circulation of that particular part would become unbalanced and as the days go by that unbalance becomes wider and wider until eventually the whole thing falls down.

About Dim Mak “So many of them are purely physical rather than the old story of touching a mk point and having that point slowly close day by day until no more Qi is able to flow causing death some days later”. Dim Mak Death Touch “As I said before, for instance the one on the wrist mmontaigue cause a person to feel as though they haven’t got any strength in the middle of their body, they can’t resist”.

Chris Madden also agrees with my reasons whereas at an earlier time he would never have revealed these points to everyone fearing makk misuse. I have known which points to strike and how to strike them but have never known why!

Erle Montaigue: Dim-mak – Death point striking,

H A rated it liked it Jul makk, Unless you know how to reverse it. About Dim Mak “Power is a definite factor isn’t it, how much or how little or is there any time during the day when certain techniques will work to a greater effect than others do”. About Dim Mak “IN reversing the effect of a dim mak attack is it as simple as for instance if one drains some Qi from a certain meridian then er,e one put some in to reverse it?

I do not believe that such techniques of delayed death touch or hurting from a distance exist, or if they ever did have long been forgotten or have just required too much work to accomplish.

NB Kontaigue to be added! Jim Judy rated it really liked it Aug 08, Other points you want to put, I guess what you’d call, well the Chinese call Xie Qi, which means ‘evil energy’ in.

About Dim Mak “Power is a definite factor isn’t it, how much or how little or is there any time during the day ele certain techniques will work to a greater effect than others do” Chris answers: In the Square Enix video game, Sleeping DogsDim Mak is a counter-attacking move that can be learned from the protagonist’s Sifu master.