Hello, I’m tempted to buy a Farfisa Organ, Matador-R (from the picture I believe it’s a model). I’m sorry if I’m posting on the wrong sub as. The Farfisa Matador-R was the deluxe version of the Matador. In included all of the features of the organ, in addition to a super sweet drum. This image, which was originally posted to Flickr, was uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 17 June , by Clusternote.

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Owners of Farfisa Matador ? : synthesizers

The service manual for the Super Bravo is dated July, Matwdor people who are selling it are not the one who were using it so I don’t want to go there and find out I can’t even hear how it sounds. They have a built-in amp and speaker, headphone jack, and a 5-pin DIN jack for a volume pedal – could it be they use the same Compact-style optical pedal that had been around for 25 years?

The main problem was that the upper harmonics thinned out in the upper two octaves of the keyboard. I hope I’ll notice if something is not right though. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

My guess is that it the guts of the terribly simple Maestro Rhythm Jester, which is pretty simple, but will let you entertain at cocktail parties all by yourself! The following page uses this file: This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat The Matador is a mid 70s combo organ with a sound definitely different then a Compact.

Today, the Farfisa brand mainly produces intercom systems with the company Aci Farfisa, which makes and distributes systems for video intercoms, access control, video surveillance, and home automation. It was retired after the group’s split. I suspect their sound isn’t much to write home about.


Oh yeah, this is Really Useful! Note that while the id plate proclaims it as a “Super Bravo”, the model number is the same as for the “plain” Bravo. But looking back on it, the sounds of the Matador were rather cheap and thin. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Farfisa.

Their classic sound, in turn, became a staple on multitimbral instruments, first synthesized, then sampled from the originals. I love the sounds of Farfisa but never had one for real and I’m a beginner in music or playing in general.

In included all of the features of the organ, in addition to a super sweet drum machine! Retrieved from ” https: Date 19 April Farfisa also made radiostelevisionsand other electronic items. Some of these extended bass models have only 3 voices, while the later models had 6 voices.

Never played a Matador, but I own a Farfisa Compact a late s organ. Production of combo organs ended in the late s after synthesizers had become more commonplace.

Among the very last combo organs made by Farfisa were the Bravo and Commander, produced at the end of the s. Be sure the “Matador sound” is what you are after, not the “Farfisa sound” which is usually a Compact-based organ. This feature lets you control the pitch of the bend up to the note you are playing on the keyboard. Something that cleans, but also evaporates.

Spooner Oldhamthe house organist of Alabama recording studio Muscle Shoals Sound Studiocan be heard playing the Farfisa on numerous southern soul recordings from the s, notably ” When a Man Loves a Woman ” by Percy Sledgeamong many others. The mono section can be modified by two envelope controls and a wah-wah ; there is also a variable portamento. Submit a new link. Distribution in the U. Also, the manual bass feature failed all too often. The “Polychrome”, built at the end of the s, was Farfisa’s largest and most well-featured non-organ instrument, as an analog synthesizer featuring vocal, brass, string, and percussion sections, and including a built in chorus, phaser and modulation as well as aftertouch sensitivity.


The first 17 notes form the manual bass section. This image, which was originally posted to Flickrwas uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 17 June Notify me of new posts by email. Underneath the keyboards, a knee-high lever could be actuated for the tone boost feature, turned on by rocker levers on the console.

You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. Permission Reusing this file.

Don’t go throwing it around. Farfisa Matador M combo organ c.

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Tab style similar to the Bravo below and also has the same “m” and “7th” buttons as the Bravo. Farfisa began manufacturing electric organs in Matdor that the stand is just like the one for the Bravo.

On, Fast Attack Tab: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I don’t know if it has a Slalom pedal jack.