12 Results Visit ‘s Flavius Vegetius Renatus Page and shop for all Flavius Vegetius Renatus books. Books by Flavius Vegetius Renatus. Showing. Vegetius. The most influential treatise on military strategy between the age of the era was written by the Roman citizen Flavius Vegetius Renatus in (approx.). Flavius Vegetius Renatus. A number of maxims have their origin in Vegetius, the most familiar of which is “He who desires peace, should prepare for war” (III.

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This long-held conclusion, that nothing is known of Vegetius’ life nor ever will be, has recently been challenged. In his last years he became a tyrannical recluse, inflicting a reign of terror against the major personages of Rome. Only 1 left in stock more on the way. Rrenatus should not be allowed to be absent on furlough. There have been many instances of their gaining a complete victory after the entire defeat of both the principes and hastati.

It is better to send men forward with hatchets and other tools in order to open ways that are narrow but safe, without regard to the labor, rather than to run any risk in the finest roads.

The chief praefect of the Praetorian Guards rises by the same method of rotation to that lucrative and honorable rank. The third book contains a series of military maxims, which were appropriately enough, considering the similarity in the military conditions of the two ages the foundation of military renattus for every European commander from William the Silent to Frederick the Great.

Thus the centurion of the primiple, after having commanded in the different ranks of every cohort, attains that great dignity in the first with infinite advantages from the whole legion.

A soldier, starved with cold, can neither be healthy nor fit for service. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. In cases of necessity, however, they are sometimes obliged to make levies in the cities. As head of the legion he had appointments of great honor and profit. We have many instances of the favorable reception which Augustus and his illustrious successors conferred on the works presented to them; and this encouragement of the Sovereign made the sciences flourish.


The chief praefect of the Praetorian Guards rises by the same method of rotation to that lucrative and honorable rank.

He states quite frankly that his purpose was to collect and synthesize from ancient manuscripts and regulations the military customs and wisdom that made ancient Rome great.

The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Coup D-Oeil – Napoleon’s Glance. All these were under the direction of the officer called the prefect of the workmen.

They supported for a long time the weight of all the wars and distinguished themselves so remarkably that the Emperors Diocletian and Maximian on their accession honored flaviks with the titles of Jovian and Herculean and preferred them before all the other legions. In our times this command was given to a count of the first order.

Vegetius | Roman military author |

In particular, the 5-footinch minimum height identified by Vegetius would have excluded the majority of the men in Roman times the Roman foot was ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Published in Studies in Late Antiquity 1. The Tribunes, Centurions, and all the soldiers in general were under his orders: He constantly gives the example of the ” Ancients” to his contemporaries.

And they afford certain proofs of the importance and effects of discipline in the difference we see between those properly trained in this branch of drill and the other troops. These boats, joined and covered with planks, serve as bridges over unfordable rivers, on which both cavalry and infantry pass without danger. The latter are hired corps of foreigners assembled from different parts of the Empire, made up of different numbers, without knowledge of one another or any tie of affection.

It still is interesting reading and still is the subject of modern commentaries.

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He is to be vigilant, temperate, accive and readier to execute the orders he receives than to talk; Strict in exercising and keeping up proper discipline among his soldiers, in obliging them to appear clean and well-dressed and to have their arms constantly rubbed and bright.

Time and opportunity may help to retrieve other misfortunes, but where forage and provisions have not been carefully provided, the evil is without remedy. Rebatus splendor of the arms has no inconsiderable effect in striking terror into an enemy.

All overconfidence, as most pernicious in its consequences, must be banished from the deliberations. The infantry are divided into two corps, the legions and auxiliaries, the latter of which are furnished by allies or confederates. He must be sure of their capacity and experience, that the whole army be not brought into danger by the errors of two or three persons.


However, from that point Vegetius’ position as the premier military authority began to decline, as ancient historians such as Polybius became available. The other javelin was of smaller size; its triangular point was only five inches long and the staff three feet and one half. The ninth has five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse. On the careful choice of soldiers depends the welfare of the Republic, and the very essence of the Roman Empire and its power is so inseparably connected with this charge, that it is of the highest importance not to be intrusted indiscriminately, but only to persons whose fidelity can be relied on.

The army of the early Empire was a formidable fighting force, but it probably was not in its entirety quite as good as Vegetius describes. When you intend therefore to engage, endeavor to draw the chief advantage from your situation. Nor did they receive it as usual, in wheat, until they had, in the presence of the prefect, tribunes, or other principal officers of the legion, showed sufficient proofs of their knowledge of every part of their study. On the contrary, a stab, though it penetrates but two inches, is generally fatal.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus – Wikipedia

The other cohorts were commanded, according to the Emperor’s pleasure, either by tribunes or other officers commissioned for that purpose. Impedimenta, the encumbrance of supply trains and support reatus and materiel, impedes the ability of an army or organization to move about the strategic space in a nimble, flexible manner.

Tiberius, second Roman emperor 14—37 cethe adopted son of Augustus, whose imperial institutions and imperial boundaries he sought to preserve. For sometimes the common sort of rrenatus imagine they know what they really do not, and through ignorance promise more than they can perform.