May 7, Before her death on October 16, , Nwapa said in an interview that she used Efuru to explore how women are treated in the society. Having. Efuru has ratings and 43 reviews. Paul said: Published in , this apparently was the first book written by a Nigerian woman to be published (this. Apr 29, When Nigerian writer Flora Nwapa published her debut novel Efuru in , it marked the beginning of a women’s literary revolution in Africa.

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Efuru is successful, happy, and free from her oppressive and abusive first husband, Adizua, and from her equally disappointing second husband Gilbert. But she does not see these unhappy marriages as the end of her life.

Not many women would have the courage to do nwspa Efuru has done in this typical traditional society for fear of what people will say.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: She is much younger than her husband. Critics such as Christine Loflin point out that the use of dialogue in Efuru allows a sense of African feminism to emerge, free of Western imposed values. This is why one can really feel for Efuru who has now become a bitter woman. Nwapa’s ‘Efuru’, then, is a breath of fresh air, especially in a world where Things Fall Apart is practically the only book of Africa, specifically Nigeria, specifically Igbo, that the average person who claims to be a reader has in their back history.

The decent, honorable, and unselfish are often under nwqpa in this life. Feb 12, Molly Bagnall rated it really liked it. Nigeria’s first female novelist showed in works like this that she is easily one of the best in Africa, and the world – with perennial themes of motherhood, travails with men and society etc.

Although she loves both men, she is intelligent enough not to let them trample on her right. Many gun salutes are also fired in honour of the departed soul.

Efuru – Wikipedia

Her husband consents to her decision and they bring in Ogea, a ten-year-old girl to attend to Ogonim, their daughter. In her struggle to understand all that has happened to her Efuru seeks the advice of the dibias, village doctors, and finds her spiritual guide and the path she must follow.


This fashion designer is turning afro hair into luxury fabrics In a world that often rejects them, this site offers queer African women a place to belong. Apart from being poor and sometimes finds it difficult to feed his family, Nwosu is no doubt a good husband. Chapter Fourteen Gilbert takes Nkoyeni as a wife who will give him children since Efuru cannot conceive.

Short story, brief fictional prose narrative that is shorter than a novel and that usually deals with only a few characters. But before the arrangement for the marriage finishes, Efuru takes ill. She had never experienced the joy of motherhood.

Efuru promises them that her bride price will surely be paid soonest. This is the truth that he has concealed from Efuru ever since they got married.

Flora Nwapa and the African woman’s struggle to identify as feminist

However, she shows that unlike many woman in her community, she can survive with children and still find strength in her businees and her religious faith. Jun 14, Ricki Nordmeyer rated it liked it. Womanist Prosewhere she insisted that feminism is a global thing, meaning one can’t care about women from only a certain race.

Someone who is not conversant with African traditional cultures may be quick to ask if children are all there is in marriage. The protagonist is a Nigerian girl who must submit to the traditinal female genital mutilation which was the standard in the early 20th century as well as currently in some African countries. Anyway, it’s quite an interesting read, like a voyage into the core of culture, precisely the Igbo culture, learning about generational pattern and woman empowerment.

Flora Nwapa

The writing style is VERY straightforward, dry, short sentences lots of dialogue. Although she talks too much, she is a good woman. Want to go back to Iboland? The main story is a matter of individual versus community, gender roles, social machinations, legal or lack thereof statutes relating fllra domestic matters, religious influence, old versus new, accredited versus familiar, all of which is not nearly so dryly thematic when as read as it sounds when listed out.

Are you less of a woman if you don I really enjoyed this book. Since she knows that any good relationship has to do with faithfulness and mutual nwappa, she tries her best to show same to her husbands who incidentally do not reciprocate her.

Common terms nwaoa phrases Adizua age-group Ajanupu asked Amede ancestors angry baby beautiful began called camwood canoe cassava child cloth cook daugh daughter daughter-in-law dibia doctor dowry drink Efuru asked Efuru’s father Efuru’s mother-in-law Eneberi Eneke farm finished fish fufu ganashi nwapq Gilbert Gilbert’s mother girl give greeted ground-nuts happened happy head hear heard husband Igbemgbele kill kola lake laughed leave Let day break look Mgbam mgba morning Ndoni night Nkoyeni Nkwo day Nnona Nwabata Nwabuzo Nwashike Ogene Nwosu ogbono soup Ogea’s eufru Ogea’s parents Ogonim Omerere Omirima Onicha Orisha Ossai paddled palm oil palm wine pounds refused returned efkru sister sleep soup stream sympathizers talk tell Thank things told took town trade Uhamiri wait washed wept white disease wife woman women worry wrappa yams young.

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The behavioral patterns of these two characters are extremely different. Something usually happens when two old friends meet as we see in this chapter. Just like many of my peers, I saw this as appalling and degrading culture.

She appears to be unable to produce lots of children and this is a source of sadness for her but she finds a role model in the form of the goddess of the lake who is efurru, powerful, and independent and without children.

Early paperback edition cover. Not only does Efuru capture female life so vividly, it also contrasts with the male dominated African literature of the period in which Nwapa writes.

You may also like our Facebook page: Mark Twain, American humorist, journalist, lecturer, and novelist who acquired international fame for…. Why then did the florw worship her? This is because in their culture and tradition, polygamy is not only acceptable but also encouraged.

Meanwhile, Efuru tells her husband that she wants to trade rather than farming and the young man acquiesces to her decision. Sadly, the lake goddess in unable to grant Efuru her one desire, children, causing her to wonder, “why then did women worship her” Nwapa ? Fflora sooner Nwosu and his wife had gone than Nnona, the woman whom Efuru had helped to heal her sore, comes in seeking financial help.