Friedrich Nietzsche GENEALOGIA MORALEI. 3 likes. Book. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche este cel mai important filosof al secolului al XIX-lea Genealogia moralei, traducere din germană de Darie Lăzărescu, preambul de . Chapter 1: Nietzsche’s Reception History in the 19th and 20th Centuries Culture Nietzsche, Friedrich: Știința voioasă, Genealogia moralei, Amurgul idolilor.

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What does Nietzsche say that is fascinating? Nietzsche connects Christian meekness with the low status of the people who originated tenealogia. Candea Ovidiu rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Luiza marked it as to-read Jul 07, In fact, mroalei much has changed.

And there is this sentence that I liked so much “Above all, there is no exception to this rule,that the idea of political superiority always resolve itself into the idea of psychological superiority.

If you have an open mind go ahead and open this book. His second essay “Guilt, “Bad Conscience, and related matters” was an interesting read.

The only constant is that we, and everything else, are constantly striving for more power, and the only constant virtue is a will that is powerful, and free from bad conscience, hatred, and ressentiment. Nietzsche is provocative, cynical, and outspoken.

Genealogia moralei

I was familiar with Judeo-Christian’s semblance of morality, as I grew up Catholic and went to a This is my first book by Nietzsche, and my second book on philosophy. The origin of punishment, for example, is in a procedure that predates punishment. Alexandra Son added it Jul 06, Harder to trudge through than the rest of his corpus.

Lists with This Book. He must be sick nietzsfhe, but also strong enough to lead and dominate the masses. Because the most envolved race becomes more sensitive to pain. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche — was a German philosopher of the late 19th century who challenged the foundations of Christianity and traditional morality.


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This doctrine that has deeply influenced postmodern thought is called “perspectivism. As Nietzsche says, ” The book may ostensibly concern the origin of morality, but Geneallgia, in his way, goes farther.

This brings Nietzsche dangerously close to dreaded methodical argument—an awkwardness he tries to counteract by maintaining his gnomic and forceful style. As such, he sees our present morality as harmful to the future health and prosperity of our mora,ei. My counter point would simply be, wouldn’t someone rejecting a structure built around aristocracy be also showcasing good virtue?

I was familiar with Judeo-Christian’s semblance of morality, as I grew up Catholic and went to a Catholic grade school. Maybe it was the writing style way back then.

The first essay, “‘ Good and Evil,’ ‘Good and Bad ‘” contrasts what Nietzsche calls “master morality” and “slave morality. The parts we think of as “bad” are actually that which makes humanity so great. Open Preview See a Problem? They were powerless, they had no money, they were weak, and they had to do what they were told to mofalei. Required reading for my Junior AP class. Also, you would not fault nietzsceh lion for being a lion, so why should you fault a human for acting on his human instincts.

Why do I like him so much? This may have come along at a key point in my life, or perhaps, it really is a phenomenal Essay.

Stiinta voioasa / Genealogia moralei / Amurgul Idolilor

For there’s much to gain. Hardcoverpages. Numai intr-o epoca ce se apropie de sfarsit, cand omul nu mai are forta sa traiasca plenar, ci schilodit, ca un creier Mistuit de flacarile unui foc mocnit in interior, Nietzsche scrie Genealogia morale ca pe o exorcizare de zeii moralei traditionale. Weak cannot become them so they start denouncing all things masterly and predatorial.


This style works well for some subjects, and poorly for others. Are they a symptom of the distress, impoverishment, and degeneration of Human Life? Quotes from Genealogia moralei.

But this also helps to explain why Nietzsche wrote the way he did. Once in a while something so truly shocking is written that even if you don’t agree with what the author says, it still makes you take stock and examine your beliefs. He digs up the neitzsche that lie at the heart of us, with such energy, as if he were saying, ‘Look!

I was heavily influenced by Jesus’s teachings and was taught that humility was better than pride, turning the other cheek was better than violence, and love of one’s neighbor was better than egoism and selfishness. Rebecca Garrard I’d say yes, if not more so.

Genealogia moralei by Friedrich Nietzsche (4 star ratings)

I gave it 4 stars in spite of it’s ridiculous claim that compassion was introduced by the weak to save their own hide. As the community grows, the outlaw is no longer expelled.

From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.