4 Years of earnings are indexed up to the second calendar year before the year of earliest. (See the information from Social Security on the “Windfall Elimination Provision” at for more. , January , ICN [] Get Accessible Adobe from your salary, such as a government agency or an employer in another country, the .

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If you get a relatively low pension, you are protected. The Social Security benefit formula uses a year base. What you may have heard about is the temporary benefit that is available to members who choose the MSEP plan at retirement.

Explaining the Windfall Elimination Provision

It’s a law that makes perfect sense. Your Social Security retirement or disability benefits may be reduced. And the WEP law recognizes that.

But almost all of these folks are not lifetime low-income workers like my neighbor’s maid, Maria. It does not count towards the annual earnings limit for social security.

Log in to your Member Homepage giv change your preferences. And that includes a WEP reduction, 100045 I will explain. Rumor CentralWindfall Elimination Provision. The Windfall Elimination Provision does not apply to survivors benefits. The average replacement rate for highly paid workers is about 25 percent. Even though Maria gets a much smaller Social Security benefit than Frank, she might find some comfort knowing that she is getting a better deal out of the program than he is.

The Windfall Elimination Provision affects how the amount of your retirement or disability benefit is calculated if you receive a pension from work where Social Security taxes were not taken pube of your pay. There is a companion law called the “windfall elimination provision,” more commonly known by its acronym, WEP, which usually reduces any Social Security retirement benefits earned at side jobs by folks who spent the bulk of their life working at a job that was not covered by Social Security.


And that’s enough to get me a small Social Security check. We suggest you contact the Social Security Administration at www. Since the WEP does not apply after the death of the primary beneficiary, it is never used for survivors.

And now that I am retired, I bov a monthly civil-service pension.

Submit a Rumor Central Question. Writer and mother Annie Lane writes in a voice that’s sympathetic, funny and firm, offering common-sense solutions to life’s dilemmas. For example, lower-paid workers could get a Social Security benefit that equals about 55 percent of their pre-retirement earnings. Instead, my earnings pattern is much more like my neighbor Frank’s.

One final note on this topic: You would only be affected by the WEP if you earned a pension from other employment and did not pay social security taxes while in that position.

You can use our automated response system to tell us a new address or request a replacement Medicare card. They think they have been singled out for Social Security benefit reductions that just aren’t fair. There are exceptions to this rule.

But let’s be honest: They are both 66 years old. I’ve done it in many past columns. You reached 62 after ; or You became disabled after ; and You first became eligible for a monthly pension based on work where you did not pay Social Security taxes aftereven if you are still working. Please enable Javascript for the best user experience. But when comparing the rates of return they get based on their past incomes and the taxes they paid into the system, Maria comes out ahead.

When your benefits may be affected The Windfall Elimination Provision primarily affects you if you earned a pension in any job where you did not pay Social Security taxes and you also worked in other jobs long enough to qualify for a retirement or disability benefit. For those who reach 62 or became disabled in or later, the 90 percent factor is reduced to 40 percent.


You will find the fact sheet in the “Retirement” section under “Topics. People hired by the government after pay into Social Security just like most other people.

Windfall Elimination Provision – Wikipedia

This includes an effect upon the maximum total benefits paid on the record as well. We treat all calls confidentially. There are many Rumor Central questions about social security that may provide you with more insight, including this one which addresses the federal Windfall Elimination Provision WEP.

I retired from the department of Social Services and I currently receive a pension through the State. Gpv deserves the 90 percent return rate that she is getting.

Windfall Elimination Provision

Ten years of Social Security work is the minimum. That is accomplished via a benefit formula structured to give poor people a better deal than their wealthier counterparts.

Skip to content Social Tov Online. We can provide information by automated phone service 24 hours a day. Verify you are human. We can answer specific questions from 7 a. We also want to make sure you receive accurate and courteous service.

That makes me look as poor as Maria, and that’s why I’d normally get the same puns percent return rate. The way Social Security benefit amounts are tov, lower-paid workers get a higher return than highly paid workers.

While in effect, it also affects the benefits of others claiming on the same social security record. Showing posts with label Windfall Elimination Provision. I spent the bulk of my life working for the federal government.