Items 1 – 24 of 24 Your one-stop online shop for new and vintage RPG products from the top publishers, Add a whole new dimension to your Hellfrost games!. Hellfrost: Player’s Guide – An endless winter is coming years ago: From the frozen far north, beyond the civilized lands with their rollin. DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! Hellfrost: Player’s Guide · Hellfrost Hellfrost: Matters of Faith Standard Edition · Hellfrost: .

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There are swamps, forests, mountains, valleys, etc. It seems like Hellfrost is pretty well filled out and the magic system might be pretty fun to play out. Please select a support frequency.

Hellfrost | Setting | RPGGeek

Several knightly orders are known across Rassilon. You could probably get by with just the Player’s Guide, Bestiary, and GM’s book if you’re imaginative. The way I’d do it is just start the PCs in an area and then pick up a region guide every now and then when you want to move them around. Hopefully that will help you start to make your decision, depending on what sort of storytelling you like. To be honest, this is just another element that brings Rassilon to life and the book includes a pronunciation guide.

Lastly, the Lorekeepers are an informal organisation dedicated to finding lost knowledge and ensuring that it is never lost, whilst the Reliquary is more interested in locating, studying, rpy protecting magic items. I’ve also Hellfrots a mid-length 50 Fathoms campaign.

I supported because… “The BruSteve chimera is an abomination! The above image is licensed under GPL 2. More Information Edit History. Heahwisards work their powerful magics through their staves, but would be lost without them. I just wish it wasn’t all wintery and frosty and stuff. Travelling in great caravans throughout this region are the Engros, a diminutive and distrusted race that has the reputation of being thieves and beggars.


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So began the terrible Blizzard War and the downfall of the mighty empires of man. So, my GM had tons of material on the game world on PDF purchased from Triple Ace’s website, but he only had two physical books, I think one was a player’s guide and the other was more setting oriented. What sort you ruler you will be?

You may also want to consider the recently-updated 50 Fathoms. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Further, beyond the Hellfrost Bestiary and Hellfrost Gazetteerthe Hellfrost setting is well supported hellfrowt the publisher. Welcome to the world of Rassilon.

Hellfrost | Triple Ace Games

This supplement for the Hellfrost setting details the entire continent of Rassilon. It is not a typical hellfrosr setting. The races of the southern lands may have won the war, but they suffer its legacy still. After reading up on it more, it seems a bit more interesting and varied. The setting for Hellfrost is Rassilon, a continent that for centuries has been divided in two by the Ice barrier, a gigantic, mile high wall of hellvrost and cold that rose at the end of the Blizzard War.

Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail bellfrost. Do you dare to tread the same path as them? Maybe Sundered Skies is for you then, I think it had a one or two other supplements don’t quote me on that but is mostly doable in that one-shot purchase and read.



In game terms, this requires both the Hedge Magic Edge and a Professional Edge if a character wants to know more than Herbalism. Both are natural magic rather than arcane or divine magic. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. There are also weird things such as glass deserts and lava that is actually ice-lava, in that it burns cold instead of hot.

For example, Thrym is the god of winter who has risen to prominence as the gods of the fire and sun, Kenaz and Sigel, have disappeared.

RPGG was nearly destroyed the first time it was attempted. The region guides aren’t that big, only about 12 pages each. Howell Frostfall — Frostborn Hrimwisard Attributes: Hellfrosst of the Icewall, three human civilisations can be found — the city-dwelling Anari; the rural and clannish Saxa; the tribal and warlike Tuomi; and the nomadic Finnar.

Resources Find hellfrosg right game for you! Designed with the busy GM in mind, this book contains 50 detailed encounters covering a variety of situations and locales.

Not sure if it’s nostalgia speaking, but 50 Fathoms is one of my favorite campaigns ever. Log in or sign up in seconds.

From the frozen far north, beyond the civilized lands with uellfrost rolling hills and forests, arose a mighty army of frost giants, ice devils, Hellfrost dragons, and fearsome orcs, servants all of the ice god Thrym.