Will said: Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger has written (with the help of Jeffrey Is this “Highest Duty” in a re-marketed format in anticipation of the movie ?. Sully Sullenberger talked about his book Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters. On January 15, , Captain Chesley “Sully”. The hero pilot who made the successful emergency landing in the Hudson River tells his story, assisted by bestselling author Zaslow (The Girls.

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Captain Sully briefs the crew before the trip, letting them know that he will call the hotel upon arrival to make sure that the shuttle van is on its way.

And not just traumatic ones like this plane crash, either. It is simple and direct, with great emphasis put on the pressures put on pilots both inside and outside the cockpit.

Even if it means the odds are against you and you might have to stand alone to do it. From there, he joined the Air Force. Then just feet above the water, the passengers felt a massive burst of thrust Overal Having not seen the film adaptation, I wanted to read Sully’s account of landing his plane on the Hudson, along with finding out more about him as an individual.

Oct 07, Tammy Eades rated it it was amazing. He reacted sillenberger circumstances for which he was over-trained and over-experienced.

Lots of television footage of the event.

I’d do it again. Captain Sully’s entire day consists of a LaGuardia out-and-back. If this is what it takes to forge a child’s character, our society is doomed.


I would very much like to read it because I saw the movie and I think that the book has much more to offer suloenberger though the movie was extraordinary too. It’s amazing how this story gave hope to thousands at a time when there was nothing but despair and uncertainty for our country.

She will rush out, buy a gun, come home, and shoot your pathetic substandard inadequate self in the head.

Sully: My Search for What Really Matters

Labor negotiations tend to be acrimonious because senior pilots want to get paid a fortune to do a job that many folks would be happy to do for free, at least for a few years.

This is as close to an instant book as one can get. But days per month away from home and living in hotels, year after year, decade after decade, wears a person down and destroys much of his or her enthusiasm for the job. They would accept the social protocol of one representative for the entire team.

The rest of the book—roughly 70 pages—deals with the aftermath. This is standard procedure for controllers–and pilots, too–involved in an accident. I knew that the water rescue resources at LaGuardia were a tiny fraction of those available on the Hudson between Manhattan and New Jersey.

HIGHEST DUTY by Chesley Sullenberger , Jeffrey Zaslow | Kirkus Reviews

This was the basis for the Warner Bros movie that starred Tom Hanks as Sully Sullenberger and details just how miraculous a seasoned pilots split second decision truly was. What events could we ensure that we come off conqueror? He could more quickly find the right checklist Overall the book was an interesting read and shows a pilot who hifhest humble and with good values, that made a tough decision in taking the best course of action in order to save lives.


In his memoir, the pilot of US Airways Flightwhich set down so memorably on the Hudson River in January, is earnest, controlled and exacting. Time rolls backward from today’s skinflint airline managers to a couple of “unheralded test pilots who, on September 20,risked their lives by landing their B Liberator in Virginia’s James River.

Lorrie hlghest an employee in the marketing department. Cook in a 2-seater plane, first solo flight June using grass runways.


A tool so that he can be useful to other household members? He had done this sullenbergger because of the way the engine control panel was designed and the proximity of similar engine control switches. Airline employee courtship is covered in grim detail.

Open Preview See a Problem? The crew wakes up and flies uneventfully from Pittsburgh to Charlotte and then up to LaGuardia. A pilot with regular training, who had not had Air Force hgihest on jets, 40 years of experience flying, years of study of what went wrong in airplane disasters as well as how to prevent them, and military training and discipline, would not have been able to land this plane safely.