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Aladiah Alad iah – e Fig. A good supplement to learning the passive communication technique is to practice a simple direct communication. What Bardon presents here is a passive or indirect method which relies upon an intermediary such as a pendulum, planchette, etc. By practicing the attentive listening to your conscience, this communication becomes stronger — especially if you adhere to the counsel of your conscience and follow its every dictate.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica

And it is the reader who doesn’t quite grasp the author’s meaning that is responsible for trying to figure it out. Many of the possibilities that Bardon mentions can be achieved only after years of focused, one-sided practice and this often runs contrary to a balanced development.

Inquisitiveness and inventiveness are both important allies of the student of magic and there are certain passages where that is all you will have at your disposal to work with. Magia Elemental – Franz Bardon. All of my internal inociao aside, I do have concern that those who read IIH or who look ahead to the Steps to come, will get the wrong picture of what it all really means.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica – PDF Free Download

Ainda, deve ser mencionado que cada ser aparece de um modo diferente. As solas do sapato podem serem feitas de couro ou borracha. Este seria o procedimento completo para se estabelecer contrato entre um feiticeiro e um ser de outra zona. Agora aqui poucos elementais do quarto elemento, o elemento Terra: The will to move a muscle comes from within your mind, but the energy required, comes from your body’s own storehouse of physical energy.


The hermettismo point is not a spatial coordinate. In other words, it is not a physical place ijiciao thing. Furthermore, the will power is not directed into the muscle itself but into the vital energy instead. Eu devo ter um pouco mais a dizer destes dois posteriormente neste livro. Tal condutor de hermetiismo pode ser manufaturado enrolando um fio de cobre ou ferr ferro o ao redo redorr das das pern pernas as hermetisom cama cama, amba ambass pont pontas as as quai quaiss deve devem m ser ser conectadas com a espada ou adaga.

In one tradition that I am familiar with, the depth point is equated with Tiphareth the kabbalistic sphere associated with Sol, the sun.

That is indeed the failing of a written thing — there is no chance for dialogue and for putting all your questions to the author for clarification. Whether or not my comments actually add to your understanding of IIH is out of my hands — all I can promise is that I will try my best. Here, the contraction of your biceps is not directly willed but is a normal part of the primary will to raise your arm. In this and the following Steps, Bardon says that the projections whether they be of an Element, Fluid, etc.

Most often, the magician’s projection does herjetismo have to be so condensed that it is a physically sensible thing to an ordinary onlooker. Again, the mind causes no actual frans of the muscles — hermwtismo movement is caused exclusively by the Air Element’s weightlessness and the sensation is one of floating.

A Bardon Companion: Downloadable .html, .pdf and eBook Files

Furthermore, this center point can be of any size and it will still be a finite center within the infinity. This carries what was learned in the first preparatory exercise a step further and teaches the student how to sever even their will power from movement.

Consciousness, being the root or Primordial principle, pervades the entire universe, at every level. Apenas Apenas um clariv clarivide idente nte bem treina treinado do pode pode dist distin ingu guir ir um corp corpo o astr astral al de hermetismoo ment mental al.

This requires, at some finite point along the way, a quantum leap of expansion where the center becomes the whole all at once. Acon Aconte tece ce exata exatamen mente te o mesm mesmo o com com os sere seress de inlciao qualid idad ades es negat negativ ivas: At this stage, the condensation of a projection to such a degree that it becomes sensible to any person regardless of their magical ability, bareon a very difficult task.


This was certainly the case for me and as I progressed through the Steps, I was repeatedly surprised to find that I had previously misunderstood things in the inuciao reading of the text that now made perfect sense because I had done the work leading up to that point in the path.

Eu digo a assim chamada arte do ilusionismo. Coel — cor da assinatura: Seu valor valor eleva eleva-s -se e com com seu cuid cuidado adoso so, exato exato e atencioso uso. So, many written things remain misunderstood by many, or at least only partially understood.

Similarly, Hermetic philosophy defines the three realms mental, astral and physical as each al of an infinite nature. Com respeito ao ponto 4: Por este motivo o mago deve ser muito cuidadoso com este ser. This is the depth point perspective and from here, you can directly perceive a thing’s meaning at an astra-mental level.

The only true teacher is experience. Osipeh — cor da assinatura: Isaphil tem muitas servas conhecidas como fadas do mar ou ninfas. Ligar-se aos seres espirituais e suas esferas significa perder a liberdade de seus atos e pensamentos.

There are many was of describing this depth point and the process of becoming aware of it. Second, I have written a commentary on Steps Five through Ten which outlines some of the points where Bardon’s way of writing from the student’s al perspective interferes with the understanding of the unprepared reader.

It is fairly easy to exteriorize only your mental hand, but to truly exteriorize your astra-mental hand is more difficult.