Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World Jack Weatherford explains how the peoples of the Americas have been forgotten for. Indian Givers turned out to be an educational and at the same time very sobering read. Because while Jack Weatherford makes a very strong point as to why the. “As entertaining as it is contemporary writers have Weatherford’s talent for making the deep sweep of history seem vital and immediate.”.

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American Indians had developed a complex technology of dyes–brazilin, achiote.

Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World – Wikipedia

However, this old adage has nothing to do with the title of this book. It’s not always presented in the best ways, specifically that the book focuses quite a bit on the early years of European discovery and not how or if, even those discoveries are still relevant today. Thomas Jefferson lamented the fact that “an American plantation is a species of property annexed to certain mercantile houses in London”.

This book made me proud to be an American–and even more aware that my family’s migration from Europe to America may have stemmed from the dramatic innovations of Native Americans! Consequently it took me several weeks to finish wsatherford book because I could barely slog through some of the information he gave. I’ll give it three stars for research alone. They had focused not on machinery or animal husbandry but on medicine, agriculture, transportation.

I learned from this book about the many contributions American Indians have given not onlty the USA but the entuire hack. And there is still much more to learn from all North a Growing up in “Iroquoi lands” of upstate NY, I was always intrigued with the names of local towns and lakes, and obviously learned their origins were Native American.


We used this in teacher training on how to teach accurately about Native Americans in social studies classrooms. CD Audiobook 0 editions. The Incans built roads and bridges all up and down South America.

The main reason, the author felt, is not that the Indians were less advanced. From metals to agriculture to medicine, Native Americans revolutionized the world and paved the way for the Industrial Revolution.

For the givers who received only victimisation in return? Google Weagherford — Loading And the structure of the U. Now that 25 years have passed, how much more have we lost? Later in the book he also concludes that “Most democratic and egalitarian reforms of the past two hundred years in America originated on the aeatherford and not indiian the settled cities of the east.

That is only in the north, while in the southern and central parts the migrants were plundering marauders who destroyed everything precious in name of faith. That feat was not duplicated until the US came up with the Pony Express, but the Incans had managed to do with – without the pony.

We need to recognize and weatherfodr their contributions more!

Fourthly, pre-contact peoples mastered the art of medicine and human biology. Trouble was, none of these areas of expertise helped them stand up to an enemy that had them outmanned and outgunned. For example, early on p. This is however a very tough read though it givefs short.

Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World

The book is disturbing because the natives really did not “give” these things to the world; the things were taken and the natives were treated very poo Native Americans non-European natives who were in North and South America before Columbus “gave” the world many things: The footnotes are sparing and the bibliography idnian awfully thin, suggesting that Weatherford may be a little more imaginative than scholarship would demand.

Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Francis Drake organized one of the first syndicates launching the Golden Hind for the specific purpose of plundering the silver of Potosi being shipped out of Arica, Chile. Just corn and potatoes by themselves had revo An amazing and powerful read. I had read elsewhere about how much of what modern people eat today came from indlan Americas. I learned a lot. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. I found this an immensely important study to read; as creative non-fiction, I found it well written and engaging.


The secrets to curing more diseases with plants?

Indians changed what the rest of the world ate and grew permanently. Compared to the wheat that was the most common staple and potatoes, the wheat was inferior in the amount of work it took to grow it, its susceptibility to weather and predators, and most especially, to the amount of calories produced versus the amount taken to work the field. The story of Native Americans as told by Weatherford is both enlightening and sad, and as the book concludes: My favorite example out of this book, the one that staggered my kids when I shared with them, is about the Incan highway system.

Add to Your books. Retrieved from ” https: I will refer to it constantly. I would’ve weagherford more purely political contributions, or at least critical analysis of how the United States government, specifically, incorporated American Indian ideals into their own infrastructures — this is touched on somewhat, but as much as I would’ve liked. With a crew of former slave-traders, and with investors including Queen Elizabeth, Drake seized an unknown amount of booty “in seatherford greatest act of piracy then known”.