Originally created for 3ds Max by Michel Roger, the popular “Joan of Arc” tutorial has now been translated for Maya, LightWave, Cinema4D and Softimage XSI. I thought I would see how Lightwave would do on the Joan of Arc tutorial for Max. I still need to texture and add weight maps. I’m sure the arms. I’m using the Joan of Arc tutorial and it’s really helpful. However, the artist uses triangles here and there. The same artist has another tutorial.

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I think a girl of her size would pick up a lighter weapon. It was boned in about 10 minutes with ACS4.

Joan of Arc from Max tut

It was fun even for a newb like me. I own it, but haven’t used it. Michel Roger Tutorial and translation by: Looks like a good livhtwave They are Maya focused and helped me tremendously at University.

The time now is Results 1 to 3 of 3. This page tutorial series is an in-depth and comprehensive guide to modeling the amazing Bugatti Veyron car, from start to finish.


Here is one more pic with the skirt without the rigging. Consider what version you have and what extras you might need, but it is a very rough idea. Joan of Arc from Max tut.

Today is texturing day. All times are GMT Nice results, How did you aply this tutorial in lightave?

Commercial Tutorials

You could easily follow this using LW despite it being Maya based. It then moves on to creating the wheels, including tires and hubcaps, before going on to building and incorporating an interior, namely the dashboard and seating. Bugatti Veyron — LightWave Download Only This page tutorial series is an in-depth and comprehensive guide to modeling the amazing Bugatti Veyron car, from start to finish.

This precise, step-by-step tutorial shares how to produce this highly polished, low poly game character with detailed texturing for real-time rendering. Timothy Albee link1 link2 William Vaughan book A book like Essential Lightwave V9 is good all rounder with character modelling lighttwave animation sections.

Anyone knows how or where to find information on how to do it? She’d never hold her torso up with a waist like that. You can also use extender for quickly moving points to simulate edge movement. Seong-wha Jeong Translated by: I need to add some maps tomorrow.


Here are some with textures and a pose I haven’t decided about that yet. The tutorial arx by Michel Roger. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

TUTORIALS | Vojislav Milanovic

Looking for something a little more updated and current with what LightWave 3D has to offer. He uses cylinders instead of boxes if you want to change it up. The english version of the tut is at www.

The same artist has another tutorial, which focuses on a male character: The final part covers the importance of a good lighting rig and light parameters, as well as the importance of a camera and the integral part that the rendering settings play in showcasing the model for a portfolio. aarc

This series aims to show a comprehensive guide to creating a finished car for people new to this type of exercise, but is not suitable for beginners who are not familiar with using 3D software. Bearing that in mind, here are some very rough pointers: