Wizard. Wizard is the second book in the Gaean Trilogy. Gaea is world and goddess, a dazzling pageant of wild mythology and chimerical creatures in a. One of the greatest science fiction epics ever written, John Varley’s Titan, Wizard, and Demon comprise a groundbreaking trilogy that will live forever. Title: Wizard Author(s): John Varley ISBN: / ( USA edition) Publisher: Berkley Pub Group Availability: Amazon Amazon UK.

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This book contains a lot of good ideas, including the basic premise of a living ringworld, and the splintering personalities based on the distributed brain required for such a large organism. But to quote Public Enemy “Don’t believe the wizarc, especially that on the front cover which says “most celebrated adventure since Dune”.

Her conversations with them johb over centuries at the speed of light. It seems that Varley wants, especially towards the end, for us to feel sympathy for those rebelling against Gaea, but I found myself disliking the humans more for the destructive behavior that is so much in evidence in our current day.

Wizard is the second book of the Gaea Trilogy by John Varley. They avrley to Gaea to be cured.

She was a God of blood and vadley whose bones were the land, a God with massive hearts and cavernous arteries who nourished her people with her own milk. Token guy, Chris, gets pushed into leadership in several places where he is just not qualified—a nod perhaps to our society where, in hospitals, people ask for male unqualified interns when well-qualified female doctors are on the scene.

The Titanides are even better, and more completely explained, in this second novel.

Wizard (Gaea, book 2) by John Varley

Book 1 of this series “Titan” started off pretty cool and was able to maintain a good level of interest with the reader right until the semi-cliffhanger end. When Gaea made Rocky the Wizard of Gaea, she also gave her certain powers to go with Rocky’s new station. This novel is unusual in that the majority of its main characters are women, with earth-guy Chris thrown in as the token male to be used to contrast everything with.


You do what you have to do, and in some ways you have no more choice about it than a rock has about falling from a high place.

It doesn’t outstay its welcome, and sets the stage for a cataclysmic third volume, Demonwhich I can’t wait to read. This at first turned me off, but as the story gets underway, everything comes together and this is a rousing adventure tale.

Well worth the price of admission. What composers does a Titanide like? The responsibility for an entire race’s survival is more than Cirocco can bear; with resignation from her position as Wizard impossible and suicide ruled out by her love for the Titanides, her only release is alcohol-fueled oblivion.


The scope is huge. Many apply but few are chosen. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. Nor is the book simply more of the same. Cirocco undergoes a complete transformation. This I’m really enjoying this trilogy.

You’ll learn a lot about the latter especially, because there is a lot of centaur sex in this book. She would speak only to heroes. The AI governing the Big Dumb Object starts having nohn fits and unfortunately it is these which now govern the plot. To ask other wizaard questions about Wizardplease sign up.

John Varley Wizard – Wizard

Other books in the series. Robin grew up in the Coven a space station that is all female, and all coven children are raised to believe that all men are evil and want only to controle women.

The Titanides are truly amazing creatures, created by Gaea because she wanted Centaurs. The middle book is the weakest of the three, but still good. This series almost reminds me of Terry Pratchett’s early SF like the not-just-a- Ringworld -spoof Stratathough Varley’s work is much darker.

Wizard is a science fiction novel by American writer John Varley. Sep 19, Christopher Sutch rated it liked it. Volume 1, Titancovered the initial exploration and established the setup. It’s very different in feel from the first volume; almost a little too peaceful and threatening, until you realize you’re just being softened up before everything goes to hell.


Cirocco eventually destroys the body Gaea had been using to talk to people. Wizard picks up where Titan left off in its exploration of the nature of sexuality.

Gone are the frequent references to other works of science fiction, although the Greek mythology links are of course maintained. Going in the story, I should stress that it’s important to know that the sequel takes place distantly in the future. All of the fire of the novel lies in that conflict; anything that happens with Chris and Robin is at best tedious, and at worst downright boring including a page lack-of-action section in the “underworld” that contains far too much pointless philosophisizing Varley tries so earnestly to be Heinlein that he failed to realize he was not yet a good enough writer to pull that imitation valrey well.

Wizard Gaea Trilogy 2 by John Varley.

On a less serious note, I was really happy my shipping came true by the end of the novel. Robin, a member of a group of latter day witches living in an O’Neill orbital habitathas a strange epilepsy that only manifests itself in gravity higher than the Moon’s.

And I am even less impressed with this second book in a putative trilogy than I was with the first. She had sisters scattered barley the galaxy. Both books are copyrightedwhich suggests to me that Varley meant them to be one single novel, but added the Chris and Robin characters at the behest of the publisher to fill out this volume to full-novel length.

May 01, Annie rated it liked it Shelves: Which is fine, until he reveals they like to climb trees. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. She cut off her own finger because she felt her little finger was a weakness. Chris suffers from psychotic episodes wizaard are often accompanied by paranormal “luck”.