When the damage only involves the labrum it is called a Bankart lesion. A Hill- Sachs lesion occurs when the lesion to the labrum presents simultaneously with a. There are two types of labral tears: SLAP tears and Bankart lesions. On MR a Hill-Sachs defect is seen at or above the level of the coracoid. Horst and his colleagues also found that a larger Hill-Sachs lesion leads to greater . Burkhart and de Beer first described the concept of engaging vs. . Bankart repair and remplissage for a large engaging Hill-Sachs lesion.

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Shoulder MR – Instability

The dislocation of the humeral head to antero-inferior causes damage to the antero-inferior rim of the glenoid in the 3 – 6 o’clock position marked in red. This is a brief overview of the relevant anatomy. Use of three-dimensional computed tomography for the analysis of the glenoid anatomy.

Minimum 10 years of follow-up”. The dislocation event, as described by Provencher et al. Diagnostic accuracy of MRI in the measurement of glenoid bone loss.

This is a post-reduction view.

Surgical management of a Hill-Sachs lesion is determined based off clinical evaluation and symptoms of instability. J Shoulder Elbow Surg ; It also details the relevant clinical and surgical findings that have been made throughout the literature in the past couple of years. The best prevention for a shoulder dislocation and consequent Bankart and Hill-Sachs lesions consists of physical training to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder and core.


Burkhart and de Beer first described the concept of engaging vs.

Neglecting to treat humeral head bone loss is liable to lead to an increased prevalence of anterior shoulder instability. MR imaging features allowing their differentiation.

Hill Sachs Lesion

Reverse Bankart CT-images in another patient show a reversed osseus Bankart in a patient with posterior dislocation. This procedure offers a high rate of preventing further recurrence and maintaining a stable shoulder. The humeral head is almost always displaced anteriorly and medially below the coracoid process.

Kesion, once the arm came into the mid-range of movement, the head easily translated anteroinferiorly with a certain size of oesion defect because there was no more protection by the tight capsule, and the glenoid socket was too shallow to keep the humeral head in the socket Fig.

On MR-arthrography it may be difficult to depict the osseus fragment. Lesoin arrow points to the intact periosteum. Coccyx fractures occur when falling on a seated position.

Am J Sports Med.

On the images a posterior dislocation is seen with a fracture. The anterior capsule is tight; b with a large glenoid bony defect arrowthe end-range stability is still well preserved after the Bankart repair because the repaired capsule is tight and prevents the anterior translation of the humeral head. See the page for the glenohumeral joint sacha detailed information.

This subject’s humerus remains mildly superiorly subluxated. Once they restored articular congruity, they backfilled the void with Quickset Arthrex injectable calcium phosphate bone cement through the lateral tunnel.

A grading system is used based on the amount of bone loss or severity of the humeral head deformity. Also, it has been found that when the arm is in a position of abduction during the primary injury, there is a higher risk of engagement and subsequent dislocation.

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Hill-Sachs lesion | Radiology Reference Article |

Bqnkart operation is performed using an open deltopectoral approach to ensure adequate visualization of the humeral head defect. Another provocative test that proves useful in scahs the shoulder is the apprehension test, which focuses on the level of instability in the glenohumeral joint [ 5 ].

At the end-range of movement, a part of the shoulder joint capsule becomes tight and prevents further movement of the arm. Specific functional tests employed include the apprehension test, relocation test and sulcus sign.

Biomechanical comparison of acute Hill-Sachs reduction with remplissage to treat complex anterior instability. There is a Bankart lesion with extension into the cartilage, i. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

One bankartt used challenging methodology. It has been noted that the problem of hyperlaxity is especially heightened in young patients due to the more limited number of treatment options for a young patients [ 16 ]. There are many labral variants that may simulate a labral tear. The presence of intra-articular contrast allows for better evaluation of the glenoid labrum.