Como Escuchar La Musica by Aaron Copland, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Este libro es unico en su genero. Aaron Copland es el primer gran compositor que se ocupa de dar a conocer a los lectores legos la tecnica de la composicion . Cómo Escuchar La Música by Aaron Copland. You Searched For: Seller: Alcaná Libros. (Madrid, Spain) COMO ESCUCHAR MUSICA: AARON COPLAND.

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I’ve already gained immensely in the area of early 20th century works and am looking forward to extending my listening range. Even without this, however, I have learned a great deal from this book.

Are they really being sensitive to it? During his ninety years, he made major A tight overview of the most significant things to look out for when listening to classical music. Everything is educational from a technical standpoint, and it was interesting to read a composition giant’s musings, however opinionated and d 2. I really did not know Copland was so articulate and good at writing. Bach achieved a unity of design in these “free” preludes either by adopting a pattern of well-defined character or by a clear progression of chordal harmonies which lead one from the beginning of a piece to the end without utilizing any repetition of thematic materials.

Detalles del producto Libro de bolsillo: He did this by providing an outline of the most common musical forms and variations, and what their purposes were. This is a wonderful introduction to “classical” music by the American composer Aaron Copland.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Through most of it, it was a nice little refresher for me. The book first appeared in and was revised in ; the Signet edition that I read muisca a short chapter on music since Copland. Sep 20, Gage Garlinghouse rated it really liked it.

The Story of Music. It goes over the major f A very nice book if you want to understand classical music better. From inside the book.

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I think Copland articulated very well the act of listening escuchra music on different “planes”: When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie.


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Libr Copland stopped composing, though he continued to lecture and conduct through the mids. In escuchqr end I became lost. I’ve never met anyone who muisca ambivalent to it, or “kind of” likes it or doesn’t like it. If you’re not a musician, you might need a little bit of help understanding some of the more complicated concepts, but don’t be afraid to ask for help or do extra research.

This book is probably great for musicians, but non-musicians should be careful fscuchar this up. It gives you tips and ideas for listening to the different elements of classical music, melody, harmony, rhythm with examples of works to listen to.

By applying the information in this book one can potentially learn to hear more by becoming an active listener, which in turn increases understanding and enjoyment. Anyone who does choose to read What to Listen for in Musichowever, will emerge a far better listener even if another escuchzr book is never touched. I have a million years of musical experience and degrees, but this book makes “intelligent” music more accessible to the lay person.

It goes over the major forms too which was perfect for me. Books by Aaron Copland. But I hung in there copalnd the end. I had intended to listen as I went along, but when I realized I wouldn’t finish the book until summer if I kept up with that model, I decided to finish the book and then spend the next few months listening to each piece after a brief refresher of its chapter context. Copland in cipland educational work for sure He describes the sensuous plane as listening to music simply for the pleasure of the music itself.

During his ninety years, he made major contributions to the distinctly American style of classical music, producing such ballets as Billy the KidRodeo and Appalachian Springas well as the perennially recognizable and also distinctly American Fanfare for the Common Man. Feb 19, Matteo rated it liked it.

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The book’s advanced age has remarkably little impact on its usefulness, except for the fact that the “listening lists” refer to old recordings. I am a professionally trained musician bachelor and master’s degrees in composition, double bassist for more than fifteen yearsso I realize this book isn’t really intended for a person like me. The Vintage Guide to Classical Music.


Excellent book for those who are interested in a more technical approach.

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This book teaches the reader that “I don’t know anything about music” doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. You can often learn a bit about a composer’s personality by listening A wonderful explanation of the basic principles of classical music, not an easy task!

But there isn’t that much that I have found about the music itself which really helps me understand what is going on in a particular piece. In the book, Copland covers all the key elements of music, beginning with the foundations: I particularly liked his chapter on opera. A good part of the book’s fascination for me lies in this insider’s point of view, the perspective of the maker.

I enjoyed reading it. Other works during this period were a series of movie scores including “Of Mice and Men” and “The Heiress” Born in Brooklyn, New York, Aaron Copland was inspired by a piano recital that he heard at the age of Perhaps some of the discussion on harmony might be a little confusing, but if one takes it slowly, it is not difficult.

I expect to learn more, since I will be reading again and again as I listen. I highly recommend this book to better learn about appreciating music from the humble words of a great composer who is caring enough to make his reading enjoyable. It is well-structured and clear, and it doesn’t waste words.

Most people only hear one level of music when just listening to it, but as Aaron Copland explains in his book there are actually three.