Editorial Reviews. Review. “Flawless pacing, effervescent wit, and nonstop humor that ranges Scandal Wears Satin (The Dressmakers Series Book 2) by [ Chase, Loretta]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading. One of the finest romance authors of all time.”—Julia QuinnNew York Times bestselling author Loretta Chase follows her historical romance gem, Silk is. Scandal Wears Satin. Loretta Chase. Buy This Book. Can a beautiful, conniving, brilliant French dressmaker find true love with a gorgeous.

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The interactions between these two are a delight. I appreciate that Loretta Chase was trying to center a plot around a dumb jock Longmore, who made his first appearance as Clevedon’s friend in the first book and a literary genius Sophy, Marcelline’s younger sister.

The Dreadful DeLucey’s have notoriously bad reputations, and it is rumored that ‘whenever a Dreadful DeLucey appeared on the scene, someone’s life was sure to change, and seldom for the better. Recommended for fans of lighthearted historical romance, delightfully charming and sly! Oh, my love, when I saw this, I thought I’d die laughing.

Scandal Wears Satin — Loretta Chase

In her teenage years, she continue to write letters, keep a journal, write poetry and even attempt the Great American Novel still unfinished. Sometimes I’m shocked at re-reading what I’ve previously written and find words that don’t even make sense or seem remotely correct.


Furthermore, the xcandal, shocked by a modiste stealing one of their own, shuns Maison Noirot.

European Historical Romance Safin Tags: One by one by one DAILA has arranged for the pair to be discovered, and the predictable result is their forced engagement. So Romantic and So Funny!

Each was pretty much wrapped in themselves sort of like tightly wound spools of thread. They’re blaming Sheridan’s three sisters. My favorite of the series! Sophy is the second Noirot sisters who have come over to England from France to establish themselves as the primary dressmakers on London catering to the wealthy and aristocracy. The romance between Harry and Sophy didn’t quite ring true. There were some problems.

Lisa Kleypas Narrated by: Also, there’s the fact that their conversations are pretty bird-brained. He didn’t seem to be devoid of brains in the last book, not to mention that he never really did anything stupid in this one, either. Unfortunately, this one just didn’t come close to those for me. Scandal Wears Satin tells a great story, full of heat, humor, and heart. He has a great sense of humour which is a big plus in my book. For all of Sophy’s initial impressions of Harry as a dim-witted oaf, he displays an admirable common sense, responsibility and loyalty to his sister and friends.

He saw her, not cahse Sophy she presented to the world, or one of her many aliases, but lorettx true and honest self. Since the first book in the series was entitled Silk Is for Seduction and the second is entitled Scandal Wears SatinI thought it would be fun to know what the difference is between silk and satin. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Listen to me, Miss Innocence.

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It was implied that Lord Longmore had a tender for Sophy who seemed to have brushed it aside.

Scandal Wears Satin

This is a Quickie Review. Edelweiss Part of a Series: Is she no longer competition because of increased interest in the store? There is such magic in her stories, and this one was certainly no exception.

Mary Jane Wells Length: The narration is amazing, Kate Reading is a genius and does the voices so well, each person has a distinct speaking voice.

Whether it was through disguises or lies, Sophy rarely allowed herself to simply be Sophy.

At the advanced age of 26, the independent, wealthy and imminently practical Isabella Latham has no expectation of marriage. Good ssatin not great. They are led on a merry chase but eventually find and bring Clara back.

Can a beautiful, conniving, brilliant French dressmaker find true love with a gorgeous, straight-forward, not so bright English Earl?