Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to change. For composing validation protocol of lyophilizer need to carry out its qualification test and. decide acceptance criteria. So during selection of. Hi all, I have a question regarding an OQ of a freeze dryer. Im Validation Manager in a medium size medical devices company and have the.

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In quzlification freeze dryers, the condenser can be located inside the product chamber internal condenser or in a separate chamber external condenser connected to the product chamber by a vapor port. When the super-cooled liquid finally freezes, it happens extremely quickly resulting in smaller ice crystals.

U.S. Valdiation Services – Lyophilizer

These can be placed inside of your autoclave. More than a scientific equipment supplier, SP Scientific represents brands that distinguish themselves by being able to more thoroughly assist customers in matching equipment to particular application needs. At mid-cycle, the pressure and average temperature of the chamber indicate that the steam is saturated.

View recent webinars on ” Techniques for Enhancing Visualization of Lyophilization Cakes “; the three-part series on ” Lyophilization Validation: It is not recommended to arbitrarily and repetitively increase the shelf temperature during primary drying, as is seen on some older legacy cycles.

Thoroughly understanding the concept of sublimation is a key building block to gaining knowledge of freeze drying. As mentioned earlier, each frozen product has a unique critical temperature.

In addition to designing a recipe that successfully dries a product, it is also extremely valuable to optimize shorten the length of the cycle, especially if there is potential for process repetition or scale-up for production.


Basic Principles of Freeze Drying

If renting bendable units, then they can be verified in our dry block temperature baths. We’ll assume you’re ok with that, but you can opt-out if you wish. Lyophilized products are extremely hydroscopic and they must be sealed in air tight containers following freeze drying to prevent rehydration from atmospheric exposure. In a clean room environment with very few particulates for ice nucleation, there is a significantly greater amount of super-cooling.

Similarly, if bulk drying, the area around the thermocouple wire will dry more quickly than other areas in the product tray. Laboratory pilot-sized shelf freeze dryers are often used to develop a cycle to be used for process scale-up to a larger production sized unit.

Performance Qualification No water remains in vials or trays after the appropriate freeze drying cycle is performed.

Empty Chamber Temperature Mapping: System vacuum may be continued at the same level used during primary drying; lower vacuum levels will not improve secondary drying times. Amorphous products may require that the temperature increase from primary to secondary drying be controlled at a slow ramp rate to avoid collapse.

During annealing, the product temperature is cycled for example: System pressures in the mTorr to mTorr range will usually promote an adequate amount of convection.

The tray is loaded with vials, placed on a shelf in the freeze dryer and then the bottom part of the tray is slid out. All vials are stoppered No qualificstion are damaged.

SP Scientific associates and distributors look forward to helping you reach your goals. TrackSense Pro Data Loggers. With SP Scientific your solution is just lyophiilizer call or an e-mail away. This can be accomplished manually using product thermocouples or, if drying in vials, an automated SMART system can be used. Depending on the application, moisture content in fully dried products is typically between 0. Vacuum is maintained in the vials, although some percentage failure will occur.

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Stoppering All vials are lyophilixer No vials are damaged.

The use of organic solvents requires more attention in the freeze drying process. Choosing a freeze dryer depends on the product characteristics as well as many other application-based variables including the container that the product will be dried in, the shelf area or number of ports required to accommodate the quantity to be dried in each batch, the total volume of ice to be condensed and whether there are any organic solvents.

Shelf freeze dryers allow the precise control of cooling rates which affects product freezing rates and crystal size. Controlled freeze drying keeps lyophilizr product temperature low enough during the process to avoid changes in the dried product appearance and characteristics. Annealing has the added advantage of larger crystal growth and corresponding shorter drying times. Our silicone gripper slides over the logger providing a square outer shell which prevents the logger from rolling around.

OVERVIEW Freeze drying is the removal of ice or other frozen solvents from a material through the process quaoification sublimation and the removal of bound water molecules through the process of desorption. Typically, vacuum levels for freeze drying are between 50mTorr and mTorr with mTorr to mTorr being the most common range.

The chamber is supplied with clean steam for sterilization.

Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Vacuum, etc. A suitable container system must be chosen for the product. Bacillus stearothermophilus biological indicators are such that the product of the ‘D’ value and the log of the population is at least 6 e. If you have one that is excellent. Additionally, the chamber must be L stainless steel.