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Fresh insights leading to new growth and change. A born teacher, Dr.

I try not to think about the book, since its not that useful – for some of you with more talent might find it useful, as carcs me a beginner not quite.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sign up to receive special offers and promotions from Llewellyn. Contact our robots department if you really want a nice long ban. The system is easy enough to use. With this msgical kit of 25 cards, readers can use the tattwas for divination and for bringing themselves into altered states of consciousness.

Magic: Tattwa Card Printout

The more you do this work with each of the twenty-five compound images – reaching the point when you can see the after images at will – the more easily you will enter into the elemental energies through your mind.


Is it acceptable to use them? Click for more information about New Worlds or to receive issues via mail. Mumford frequently gives lecture on relaxation techniques, sexuality, Tantra and other aspects of human development and spirituality. Read more Read less. Earlier I mentioned 25 Tattwa Cards.

Relationship Energy If we are very fortunate and wise enough to open to it and see its value, something comes into our lives completely unbidden and changes us forever by giving us purpose and direction.

Say you decide to print them and use them yourself… and then you discover they have no instructions!? Well, did you get this Great Rattwa

You are commenting using your WordPress. Josephine EllershawCiro Marchetti. I do think a border would be nice.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The cards are well made.

Magic: Tattwa Card Printout – Wanderings in the Labyrinth

I really recommend the boxed set! John Dee and Edward Kelley. Tattwas are quite complicated since it deals with the unseen forces and can act as a doorway to the elemental realm of the astral. You only need min. This kit should be a required purchase for any yogi-in-training, witch, ceremonial mage or anyone who wants to change their lives for the better.

Magical Tattwa Cards with Cards | eBay

The symbols we know and understand tend to give us a framework for creating further beauty. Crystal Healing for Animals. We refer to these combinations as one containing the “seed” of itself or another – thus 25 combinations. I tried to create this with the Design Manifesto and Diagram for my school. I cannot image that Tumblr can dards the kind of in-depth information that a regular blog post can.


You don’t have to buy anything else or spend money on his other books or tapes to make this one work for you. The Tattwas are the forms of Energy magixal the manifestation of all Matter. He doesn’t repeat himself over and over, tell you to do things he hasn’t done himself or without telling you why. Notify me of new posts via email.

Magical Tattwa Cards with Cards

As soon as I […]. Look at the following table: Write a product review. Who knew there were different cards for that. Now, to perform tratak you need to stare at the center of this image without blinking for as long as you can stand it.