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As confiabilidades interexaminadores foram moderada e excelente para a fleximetria e pobre e moderada para a goniometria.

EF livros – Manual de Goniometria

Our findings sustain this claim, suggesting that a certain degree of standardization is necessary to obtain reliable data. In our environment and also in literature, studies on goniometry and photogrammetry of the hand are scarce, so this was one of the reasons for the development of this investigation, as we only came across studies evidencing their use in postural and mandibular dysfunctions, larger joints, studies with cadavers, head and neck posture, and evaluation of the functional hand.

Mean standard deviation values between the methods for each angle. Comparison between the groups 1 scholars2 physiotherapists and 3 hand therapists in angle 1 palmar abduction of the thumb for method 2 Corel Draw photogrammetry.

This indicates that, proportionally, the measurements vary in a similar manner, are related to one another and are reliable at the same time, thus generating reproducible data.

Manual de Goniometria by Amélia Pasqual Marques on Apple Books

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Sample The volunteers who met the criteria necessary to constitute the sample group of this study were invited to take part in the survey on an absolutely voluntary basis. Foram observadas confiabilidades intra-examinador moderado e gojiometria para a fleximetria e moderada para a goniometria. Krusen’s Handbook of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Each group evaluated the same plaster-strengthened wax hand mold Figure 1and this was evaluated by all the methods and by all the examiners. Results of the intraexaminer reliability analysis – general data.

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In analyzing and comparing the methods in relation to each angle and to each group, it was observed that depending on the angle there are different values between the methods.

Arch Phys Med Rehabil. After the performance of the angle measurements, the results were deleted in the case of photogrammetry and the goniometer was closed and reset to zero, then the procedures were repeated twice more. Angle 2 Grupo 2 Method 1 Mean They also handled the adapted manaul to allow the best possible evaluation in the mold.

Analysis of the reliability and reproducibility of goniometry compared to hand photogrammetry

The analysis of the ICC values for each method in all the situations is shown in Table 3where they were classified as presenting excellent reliability.

The thirty dr once again took three consecutive measurements from each one of the angles with goniometriia two types of software separately, having the opportunity to repeat these measurements as many times as they considered necessary to be certain of the calculated angle. These advantages made manual goniometry highly accessible in the physiotherapy clinic.

J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. The advantages of this method include low cost of the instrument and ease of measurement, which depends almost exclusively on the examiner’s prior experience.

Angle 3 Group 1 Method 1 Mean While other authors reported that the measurement of ROM can be evaluated both actively and passively, yet passive measurement is used more often as it isolates the structures that can limit motion such as ligaments, joint capsule and antagonistic muscles, thus making it possible to extend the joint to its maximum range of motion, and for this reason, passive measurements are always higher than active.

Range of global motion of the cervical spine: Due to the pioneer nature of the application of the instruments studied adapted goniometer and two items of photogrammetry software in a goniiometria wax hand mold, some stages goniometroa the goniometrla had to be adapted by the examiners according to the best method found in relation to the positioning of the hand for specific evaluation by each one.


Goniomdtria means that both the group of physiotherapy scholars, and the group of physiotherapists and hand therapists, as they were in full performance of their activities and practicing the method with standardization, presented reliable evaluation means.

The rooms contained natural, as well as artificial lighting, and were reserved to ensure the privacy of the examiners.

Methods and results] Chir Main. Angle 3 Method 1 Group 1 Mean Footnotes All the authors declare that there is no potential conflict of interest referring to this article. Angle 2 Method 3 Group 1 Mean A significant difference was observed between the methods for all the angles. When there was a significant difference, we used the Bonferroni post hoc test.

Manual de Goniometria

Inter-tester reliability of passive intervertebral and manula movements of the cervical spine. Angle 3 Method 3 Group 1 Mean Arch Phys Med Rehabil. Please review our privacy policy.

A reassessment of normal cervical range of motion. Open in a separate window.

Photogrammetry is a more accurate form of static evaluation. Comparison between the methods 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry and 3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 1 palmar abduction of the thumb for group 3 hand therapists. In our study dorsal placement of the goniometer was used to reduce the margin of error and to maintain standardization based on literature.